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Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt


I am proud to be taking part of the first Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt, hosted by Breastfeeding in England from the lovely Karen behind BoobieMilk Nursing Bras and vests.

Each week, I along with some other amazing bloggers, will be sharing our own breastfeeding experiences, tips and knowledge we have learnt from our breastfeeding in an attempt to raise awareness of breastfeeding as well as some fun competitions along the way.

Each week will have a different topics;
Week 1 - Breastfeeding Benefits
Week 2 - Mother to Mother Sharing
Week 3 - Support
Week 4 - Breastfeeding Beyond 1 Month

Breastfeeding is still seen as unnatural and a taboo subject, with many mothers who decide to breastfeed soon giving up due to lack of support and understanding and for those who dare breastfeed in public are considered exhibitionists who are posing topless and if you're someone who wants privacy whilst you nurse your child, you're sent to the toilets which are often dirty and smelly to nurse your child (seriously would you want to eat your dinner in the bathroom? No, then why should a baby?)

Whilst breastfeeding rates have risen slightly in the past 5 years, they still have a long way to go, especially for breastfeeding over a month or longer than a year!

My breastfeeding story begin in March 2003 with the birth of my son, my first-born. I stayed a few extra days in hospital as I worked on establishing breastfeeding and I had been so determined I would breastfeed that at home I didn't have any formula or bottles. "Why would I need it" I decided, "I'm going to breastfeed my baby, just like my mum breastfed me!" Unfortunately it didn't work out that way, our first night home he refused to latch on and nothing I could do would get him to latch, then he would scream in hunger all night, his temper and hunger making it even harder for him to latch and it became a vicious circle and ended up with me rushing out in the morning as soon as the shops opened to buy some formula. Later on that morning my midwife came to visit and she tried to get him to latch on as well but he refused and from that moment on he was bottle-fed. I felt like such a failure that I hadn't been able to breastfeed my son, something that was so natural, and with no support groups or knowing anyone who breastfed I had no one to turn to. I hadn't heard of breastfeeding groups such as the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers (ABM) or the La Leche League (LLL) and with no computer or internet access I couldn't research breastfeeding. (You can read more about his birth story here)

Two years later, in April 2005, my daughter was born and I decided that I would give breastfeeding another go. She was a very difficult delivery (you can read more about her birth story here) and an emergency c-section which resulted in me in the ITU (Intensive Trauma Unit) having a blood transfusion and her in the nursery being given a bottle and crying with a headache. The midwives had offered to bring her to me in the ITU when she wanted feeding, but I was completely out of it and told them to give her a bottle. Things then went from bad to worse as she developed jaundice and an infection and I struggled with the breastfeeding but here the hospital let me down as they didn't offer me any support or allowed me to speak to a breastfeeding supporter or counsellor. Finally, after spending 7hrs with her attached to my breast and then her drinking 2oz of formula  I decided to give up. In fact the midwife I spoke to about my decision was pro-bottle-feeding as she encouraged me to give up saying that the blood transfusion had obviously affected my milk and she wasn't getting enough (something I now know was wrong). When the paediatrician came to see me he wasn't happy I had given up with the breastfeeding, telling me it was the best thing for her, but again I wasn't offered any support or the chance to speak to anyone. By now I had begun to believe I would never breastfeed and that it was because of my large breasts.

In December 2006, I again became a mother to another daughter. This time the birth was textbook, lasting only 3hrs and she came naturally with just gas and air for pain relief. I put her on the breast and she took to breastfeeding like a pro. We had a slight hiccup when my milk came in and my breasts became engorged, but thanks to a very supportive midwife we got through that and she breastfed until she was 32 months old.

Shortly after DD2 weaned, the baby was born in January 2010 and again she took to breastfeeding like a pro. During my pregnancy I had developed Gestational Diabetes, but breastfeeding helped stabilise both of our blood sugars after her birth. She is 29 months old now and shows no signs of wanting to wean.

So now you have read a little bit of my breastfeeding stories and heard about the Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt I hope you will join in and check out some of the other wonderful bloggers taking part.

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Smilernpb - This is the random day to day ramblings of a working mum of three, living in the North East of England, United Kingdon.  Welcome to my World - life is never dull! :o)  Happy reading......!   

So now you know all about the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt, make sure you click the rafflecopter below to enter the competition and win some great prizes

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