Sunday, 24 June 2012

My First Story

Last week I was awarded the Versatile Blogger Award and as part of the award I had to share some fun facts about myself that no one knows. One of the facts I shared was that when I was a teenager I once wrote a story and finding it I thought I would share a small bit of it. Let me know what you think, but please be kind as I was a child when I wrote this on my very first word processor (it wasn't really a computer and was pre-Windows to give you an idea of how long ago it was LOL)


I leapt out of bed, like I did every morning and ran to the window. I loved early mornings and would spend hours watching the sun rise and the world come alive around me. But today I couldn’t, today was a special day and I had lots of things planned to do. What was so special about today? It was April Fools Day and every year we would all compete to win the King of the Fools award.

Grinning, I checked my watch and ran into my twin brothers’ bedroom. As usual he was still asleep, hidden under the duvet with just his dark hair showing. I silently ran over to him and pulled off his covers, clamping my hand over his mouth so he wouldn’t make a noise. Drew didn’t do mornings at all, he liked his sleep too much and I usually had to drag him out of bed. His eyes opened wide in panic as he woke as I quickly bent down to his ear and whispered.
“It’s only me! Wake up cos it’s April fool. Remember what we planned!” As he nodded I took my hand off his mouth and stood back up. Drew climbed out of bed and put his slippers on before grabbing his dressing gown from the bottom of the bed To look at us, Drew and I were identical, right down to our emerald green eyes and the number of freckles surrounding our noses, but personality wise we were miles apart. I was hyper and always full of energy, I hated sitting still and loved bounding around the house, whilst Drew was quiet, shy and cautious always aware of the consequences and scared of getting into trouble. But despite our differences, we were the best of friends.

Silently we crept out of our bedrooms and separated. Drew went downstairs and changed the clocks in the kitchen and the lounge, whilst I ran into our parents and older brothers rooms and switched the power off and then back on on their alarm clocks to reset them. We met back up just outside our rooms and silently high-fived each other before fleeing back into our bedrooms to wait for the fireworks which were soon to start. As I jumped into bed I heard my baby sister Ruby start to wail.

At first everything seemed normal. I heard my mum get up and go into Ruby’s room to see to her, murmuring softly as she took her downstairs for breakfast. Lying there so still was soo hard as I was jumpy with excitement. Suddenly all hell broke lose as I heard my mum scream up the stairs;
Then came a lot of banging from my dad’s room as he jumped out of bed and starting getting ready. Really it was only 6am and my dad had plenty of time, I grinned to myself. This was the best April Fool EVER! Hearing footsteps thumping up the stairs I quickly hid under my covers.
“Andie, I’m gonna kill you! Why d’ya switch my alarm off, you know I got footy practice this morning before school.” The door opened and he entered my bedroom. “No use pretending to be asleep, everyone knows you’re the first one up! ‘fess up already!”
I sat up and grinned at him
“Ryan, why on earth would I go into that pigsty you call a room and reset your alarm clock. I have better things to do than that!”
Ryan ran his fingers through his dirty blond hair as his eyes, so like mine, roamed my bedroom looking for clues. Spying my calendar on the wall he noticed the date and his eyes lit up.
“Brilliant Andie. Best April Fool Ever! Although I think you better tell dad what you did before he blows a gasket” He laughed as he left my room.

I quickly dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. Ruby was sitting in her high chair eating her cereal as I helped myself to some. Mum was rushing around the kitchen in a panic, trying to make our lunch boxes and breakfasts, whilst getting dressed and doing her hair. Grinning I pulled out a chair and sat at the table.
“Morning mum!”
“Andie, come on sweetie get a move on. You’re going to be late for school! Is Drew awake yet? DREW COME ON HURRY UP! I swear that boy is going to be late for school.”
“Mum!” I laughed “Calm down, you’re making no sense at all.”
“But just look at the time. I know I wanted your sister to sleep later, but why on earth did she have to choose today to do so. I’ve got so much to do and your dad....”
“Mum” I interrupted, trying to look innocent and not smile “What’s the date today?”
“Why on earth do you want to know the date?”
“Please mum.”
“It’s Friday... Friday the first of.... April” She spun around and glared at me, “Andie, please tell me you didn’t switch the alarm clocks off for a prank? Your dad is going to kill you when he finds out what you have done. Why, today of all days, did you have to do something so stupid, I thought you were supposed to be smart!”
“Mum, wait” I again interrupted. “I didn’t just switch the alarm clocks off, Drew also put the clocks forward an hour. You would just be getting up now!”
Mum glanced down at her watch and then up at the kitchen clock.
“I think you had better go upstairs and tell your father before he has a heart attack. I know you didn’t mean any harm, but if your dad misses an important meeting at work this morning he could lose his job.”

Nervously I swallowed and nodded as I went upstairs to my parents’ bedroom. Dad was on the floor looking for something under the bed.
“A April f Fool Dad!” I stuttered. He raised his head so suddenly he banged it on the underside of his bed and when he finally appeared his face was scarlet with rage.
“WHAT DID YOU SAY?” He bellowed. Taking a deep breath I tried again.
“A April Fool Dad!”
“Are you trying to tell me, that you switched off my alarm clock deliberately and all for the sake of a stupid April Fool prank! Of all the stupid and immature things you could have done! Good God I thought you were supposed to have more brains than this...” He raised his hand as though to slap me.
“Dad wait!” I yelped, interrupting him. “We changed the clocks as well. We put them forward an hour so you’re not late, you’re right on time!”
My dad stood there his hand midair as time seemed to freeze. Although I was terrified, I stood my ground. I had never seen my dad so angry before and he had never ever threatened to hit one of us, no matter how naughty we had been.

“Andew! Stop!” My mum shouted from the doorway, Ryan and Drew right behind her and Ruby in her arms. “You can’t blame the twins, they were only having fun and they didn’t know you had a very important meeting this morning. They were just following your example as you are the one who always encourages their pranks. Please don’t do anything in temper that you will regret later.”
Dad finally moved and raked his hand through his hair instead.
“Get out!” He said icily. “Get out and stay out I never want to see you again.” He turned away and I fled the room in tears.

I ran straight out of the house and across the road to the beach where I threw myself face down into the sand. I cried and cried and cried. How could today go so wrong. My dad hated me and almost hit me, how could I ever face him again, how could I face any of them again? I heard my mum, Drew and Ryan calling for me, but I hid behind the breakwater. I didn’t want anyone to see me.

I don’t know how much time passed but finally my tears began to stop. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Slowly I stood and looked around, praying that I wouldn’t see any of my family. I couldn’t and realising I had to face the music, I slowly began to walk back to the house. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain explode at the back of my head and the world went dark as I fell face down in the sand. 

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