Thursday, 21 June 2012

#R2BC - Feeling Blah

Lately I've been feeling very lethargic with a mix of can't-be-itis and a severe lack of motivation, which has bled over to my blog and why it's been a few days since my last post. I guess it's just a mixture of bad weather and sleep deprivation as I haven't been sleeping very well lately.

So I'm going to try and get myself out of this funk I seem to have fallen into and what better way than to link up with the fabulous Mich over at Mummy From the Heart and her Thursday link-up "Reason's To Be Cheerful!"

1. Tickets are booked and have arrived all ready for my wonderful kid-free day in London at the Christmas in July event, along with two other good friends and mummy bloggers Katie Cupcake Cymru (another star of The Winner's Story) and Karen from Missing Sleep

2. During the half-term holidays we went to a local Messy Church and unfortunately DS didn't have a very nice time (See I tell my children off... Not you!). Last week, when I was taking the children to school, I was confronted by a friend of the woman who told my son off. She shouted across the school yard that I owed her friend an apology for what I put on facebook about her friend. This is what I actually put on Facebook

After the friend (who did apologise when she had heard my side of the story so credit to her for doing so) had confronted me I decided I needed to write to the reverend of the church and tell him what happened and put my side of the story across. I hadn't wanted to write a letter as the children did enjoy Messy Church and I had been willing to let the matter drop and just not take the children to Messy Church again, but after my confrontation with the friend I felt I had to! On Sunday when I was at our church (which is a different one to Messy Church) our pastor had a chat with me afterwards and she told me that the Rev had received my letter and had spoken to the woman and that he would be in touch with me (he came on Monday but I was out at toddler group with the baby and missed him) and they were going to change Messy Church so that if anything happens they go to the child's parents rather than confronting the child themselves. So DS is feeling happier now that the matter has been sorted and so am I!

3. Summer holidays are almost here and that means planning what we are going to do! We had hoped to go to Scotland camping and visit our friends, but sadly the tax, MOT and service is due on the car, so now we're looking at a weekend in London before the Olympics start with Nanny and Granddad! I'm also hoping to treat my wonderful dad on a ride on the London Eye as a birthday treat as it's his 65th birthday on the 3rd of August and also his retirement which he is really looking forward to and deserves after all these years of working hard to support my mum, brother and I as we were growing up. My dad never missed work, no matter how ill he was, but he always put us first and taught me that family is one of the most important things! So now I just have to find us a nice and cheerful hotel for us to stay in overnight which won't cost the earth! 

4. Because we can't go camping to Scotland, it doesn't mean we can't go camping locally, which we are going to do and since we live in a tourism area, it also means we have lots of fantastic campsites nearby as well as lots of fun activites to enjoy!

5. And last but not least, lovely Charlotte from The Crumby Mummy awarded me and my blog the Versatile Blogger Award which was a lovely surprise and made my day!

And for a bit of fun, here's the face I made out of DD1's snack before she went to Brownies! She said it looked like her!

So now it's your turn. Why don't you join in with the linky below and share what's making you feel cheerful and don't forget to head over to the other blogs listed and share the love!
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