Thursday, 28 June 2012

#R2BC - Very Proud Mummy

Thursday is here once more and that means linking up with the fabulous Mich over at Mummy From the Heart and her wonderful Reason's to be Cheerful.

1. My top reason changed at 3pm when I went to pick the kids from school and my 5yr old came running out, very proudly waving a certificate! She has been awarded her very first "Pupil of the Month" award! DS was full of pride as well as he was actually allowed to give the certificate to her. According to him, DD2's teacher started by telling the whole school in Assembly that this month's pupil of the month was being awarded to a little girl who never spoke in nursery class and who despite not being able to hear properly for a long time, has never let it stop her and is talking a lot more now and even happily chatting away in Welsh (See What a Difference a Year Makes and A Different Child). He told me that by the teacher's introduction he knew she was going to award it to DD2 and when her name was announced he shouted "YES!" The headmaster than asked who had shouted, and even though he was worried he was going to be told off, he admitted he had. The headmaster then said that although he doesn't normally allow it, did DS want to come up and give his sister her certificate! So I had two very proud children coming home from school! In fact when I went to take DD2's picture, DS asked if he could be in the picture as he had given her the certificate.

2. DS has been invited to go on a Christian Camp about 10 miles away during the summer holidays for 8-11 year olds, which he's really looking forward to and excited about. It'll be his first Christian conference, as we've ever been to one as a family, as well as the longest time he's ever been away from us but will be a good experience for him and is only down the road. This all came about following my letter to the Rev of the local CofE church after what happened during their Jubilee Messy Church (See I Tell My Children Off... Not You and Feeling Blah)

3. On Tuesday I will be going to London for the day with two good IRL as well as Blogging friends, Katie Cupcake Cymru and Missing Sleep. We're attending our first ever PR blogging event, Christmas in July, so if you're around pop over to say hi cos I'm really shy and wouldn't say hi to you first, not cos I'm rude, but because I'm painfully shy and that's where my girls get it from.

4. Whilst it was sad that school sports day was cancelled this week because of the bad weather, sports day has been rescheduled for next week and I still got to have one (or two) or Katie Cupcake Cymru's wonderful and tasty cakes! I ended up having to buy more at 3pm when I went to pick up the kids, as I ate the ones I'd already bought them LOL

5. Last week DD1 came home from Brownies and run upstairs shouting for me very proudly! She'd been awarded her first ever Brownie badge that she had earned herself. She's only been at Brownies since Easter but already has 4 badges! Her Six badge (Hedgehog), a badge for doing a sponsored walk on the Wales Coast Path, a badge for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and now the Artist badge!

So there's my Reason's to be Cheerful this week. What are yours? Why not join in the linky below and share why you're cheerful as it's always nice to take a minute out from the usual doom and gloom and to focus on the postives for a change! Don't forget to check out these lovely blogs as well and to share the love!!!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

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