Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Terrible Twosday - Spitting and licking

Recently my 2yr old has decided she is a dog! She will crawl around, carrying things in her mouth and has even been known to tip her fruit, crisps or dry cereal onto the floor so she can eat it like a dog. She will even go to kiss you but instead will lick you across the face!

As disturbing as it sounds, the pretending to be a dog doesn't bother me. It means she is using her imagination and role-playing is vital for her brain development. In fact role-playing can help toddlers explore their imagination, think in the abstract, acquire language skills, develop problem solving skills, help understand someone else's perspective, learn essential life skills from adults, discover leadership skills, safely explore the world beyond, acquire confidence and a sense of self. Isn't it incredible that crawling around pretending to be a dog actually helps her learn emotions, cognition, language and sensory motor skills and scientist theorise it actually creates synaptic connections between parts of the brain, and the more synapses, the greater the child's intelligence!

Her other new habits are a lot more annoying and I have no idea where she gets them from, it isn't anything her older siblings have ever done, even with all the challenging behaviours they gave me at her age!

Spitting - Very annoying but it's not down intentionally or in anyone's face, more spitting on the floor. Similarly, and one her older siblings did use to do, is spitting her juice into a cup to drink out of it. I take this as a sign that she no longer wants to use a baby cup and I now give her a big girls cup when she's sitting nicely at the table

Climbing out of her buggy - This is something none of the others did, but then the older two were evicted from their buggy's at quite young ages (2 for DS and 20mths for DD1) after the birth of a younger sibling as we have never used a double buggy. DD2 was already out of a buggy when the baby made an appearance and she is quite lazy and will quite happily climb into the baby's buggy after she's climbed out of it! I do try to let the baby walk as much as possible as I take it her climbing out is a sign of independence as she wants to walk more and doesn't like being confined in the buggy, however sometimes I cannot let her walk, like if we're running late for school and sometimes she will climb out of the buggy and want carrying within 5 minutes so I'm trying to teach her that she won't be carried, if she doesn't want to walk then she must sit in the buggy!

It's been nice to take part in Terrible Twosday again, as I have missed out for the past few weeks, with one thing or another, so I'm glad to be joining in again this week. If you've enjoyed this post then head over to The Crumby Mummy to read some other Terrible Twosday posts and even join in on the linky if you want to share the trails and tribulations of your toddler or not so young toddlers!

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