Wednesday, 18 July 2012

NameitLabels - Iron-On Name and Sticky Labels Review

Today is the last day of school for my children and also the last day in infants for DD1. A time when you see how much clothes and belongings they have lost throughout the year, because of the simple fact that they didn't have their name on!!!

This year we haven't had that problem, thanks to the wonderful labels we were sent to try from Name it Labels.

I must admit that before writing this review I hadn't heard of Name it Labels and usually bought my labels from eBay, but sadly each and every time I've been let down by poor quality labels, where the iron on label has fallen off after a few uses or haven't stuck in the first place.

I'm pleased to say that I didn't have any difficulty or this problem with the Name it Labels!

The iron on labels are easy to use and suitable for any item of clothing or fabric that can handle a medium to hot iron. They even come with a backing sheet to place over the label when you iron it on to help protect the label and a few extra labels so you can have a little practice. The instructions on the packet of iron on labels are clear and easy to understand and I managed to use them successfully first time.

My favourite though has to be the self adhesive vinyl labels that we were sent. Totally versatile they can be used on most objects with a smooth, hard surface. The labels are microwave and dishwasher safe but should not be used in ovens or soaked in hot water for a long time. I have used these on the kids fruit boxes so they know whose is whose whilst at home and at school, and despite being washed daily in the dishwasher, they still look as good as new!

I've also used them on their DSi's to tell them apart and as it was toy day in school today for the last day of school, I felt safe letting DS take his DSi with his name on it and DD2 took her Innotab, again with a label on showing it was hers!

The self adhesive labels can also be used in shoes and wellies, again handy for at school and making it easier for the child to recognise their own shoes quickly. The shoe labels are ordinary vinyl labels which you cover with a clear shoe cover to protect the label and are easy to apply.

The self adhesive labels have clear and easy to understand instructions on the packet and are easy to apply.

We were sent their Original Starter Pack to review, one for each child and in each pack you get:
* 30 Iron on Labels
* 30 Vinyl Label Stickers and
* 12 Shoe Overlays
Which cost £11 and works out at 18p per label!!!

They are completely personalisable, with a choice of;
* Print type
* Print colour for iron on labels
* Optional icon
* Label colour for the vinyl name stickers.

I really liked the fact that instead of just boring labels with their name on it, you could choose from a selection of 52 different icons and each of mine were allowed to chose their own icon.  DS chose a football, DD1 chose a butterfly, DD2 chose some ballet shoes and the baby chose a balloon.

Something else which Name it Labels sent me, is something I think every parent should use, especially when you go out for the day, to a zoo or a theme park or even to a festival! At places like that it is soo easy to lose your child, no matter how careful you are! I remember when we went to Chester Zoo a few years ago we lost DS in the shop and thankfully we found him about 20 minutes later in the car park stood by the car! It was the longest 20 minutes in my life and I'm just grateful that he had the sense to wait by the car. But for younger children it can be harder, and whilst you can teach your mobile number to your older children, what if it was your 2yr old who wandered off.

Thanks to Name it Labels I have the perfect thing for when we attend LolliBop festival in August. I.D wristbands!

The I.D wristbands are single use wristbands for children, printed with IF I AM LOST and your emergency contact phone number on either a pink or blue wristbands and white or clear stickers with your details. There are 10 wristbands in a pack and at £5.00 for ten it works out as just 50p per wristband and is worth a lot more in peace of mind!

I have been pleasantly surprised with Name it Labels, the website it easy to navigate and you get easy to use, robust labels for a reasonable price. In fact, I will be ordering more parts from Name it Label's ready for when the children start back to school in September, especially as the baby will be in playschool as well!

But that's not all, Name it Label's don't just specialise in name labels, they also specialise in lots of other personalised gifts, such as party stickers and bags, baby favours, shaped name labels, personalised holdall and personalised wash bags. It's well worth a look!

Name it Labels can also be found on Facebook and Twitter

I was sent a combination started park of labels for each child and one pack of I.D wristbands for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I thought about the product. I recieved no payment for this review and it is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product and I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.

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