Monday, 30 July 2012

Paper FX Review

My 7yr old LOVES anything crafty or creative! She would spend all day colouring and drawing if she could, although unfortunately it also means that sometimes her creativeness ends up places where it shouldn't, such as walls and floors!

Much to her delight, we were sent Paper FX to review from Flair!

Paper FX is a cool paper weaving kit which allows you to make coasters, bags, mouse mats, pencil cases etc out of paper. What I love most is that it doesn't have to be special paper that costs a fortune to buy, you can use anything from old magazines, newspapers, wallpaper etc.

All you need is a little imagination and some paper and you can create some fantastic items!

Inside the box you find the weaver unit, a creaser to fold the paper, a glue stick (although once this has been used up you can use any glue), a tearer which not only helps you tear the paper, but to tear it in the right size so no fiddly measuring is needed, and twizzle sticks, base maker and cable ties which all help you create your masterpieces.

The instruction book is easy to understand with detailed drawing to help you understand the instructions and full of ideas to help you design and make your masterpieces. It is however worth reading through the book before hand to help you work out how it all works. I especially likes how the instructions tell you how many strips of paper you need, what size and whether they're open (unglued) or closed (glued).

For our first masterpiece, DD1 and I made a very simple coaster. She needed a little help to begin with, but she especially enjoyed using the creaser! Once I'd gotten her started she soon caught on and before too long had weaved her very first coaster!

Paper FX is aged from 7yrs upwards and my daughter proves that 7yr olds can easily create their own masterpieces, although they might need some help, especially in the beginning

I really like Paper FX, especially as you don't need any additional parts (except paper which we all have too much of floating around) and is a great way to recycle! My 7yr old loves it and is eager to make more and is planning on making Granddad a pot like the one in the instructions above for his birthday!

An ideal present for a special little girl for her birthday or Christmas!

Paper FX is a Flair product and available from most good toy shops and online

We were sent Paper FX for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I thought about the product. I received no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product and I retain full editorial control and integrity.

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