Thursday, 12 July 2012

#R2BC - Ill Kids and School Reports!

What are my Reason's to be Cheerful this week?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

1. Kids are all healthy and back at school! We've had some sort of bug going round this house which has hit everyone except me! Saturday night DD2 woke up sick, then Sunday it was the baby's turn who gave daddy a scare as she was asleep on her back when she started. I ended up spending the night on the sofa with her and every time I dozed off she would wake me being sick again! Monday night DD1 woke being sick, but this time it was daddy's turn to get up with her as I was too tired after my night on the sofa! She ended up staying off school Tuesday as she was still ill, which upset her as she was supposed to be spending the day in Year 3 ready for moving up in the summer. Daddy also woke up feeling ill Tuesday morning but he went to work as he was driving the van. Tuesday night I had just gotten into bed when the baby started being sick again and whilst I was in the lounge I heard DS start who was in the next room. So Wednesday daddy stayed home as he was still ill and I was exhausted after another sleepless night. I took the girls to school even though DD1 complained of feeling tired, only to have to return at 11 and pick up DD1 as she wasn't very well. Brought her home and within 5 minutes she was her usual full-of-beans self!!!! DS was moaning all day that he wanted to go back to school, but only cos there was a disco after school for all the Juniors! Finally, last night, I had a really good nights sleep and no one was sick so they're all in school today!!!

2. Took the baby to playschool to register for her in September. She's 2 and a half now, but with the summer holidays rapidly approaching, there isn't much sense in starting her now only to have her break up for 6mths. I walked to playschool with two friends who have daughters the same age as DD2 and the baby and as we walked in I made a comment about how it didn't seem that long ago we were picking up our 5yr olds from playschool and carrying our newborns!!! 

3. I went to school on Monday to discuss the girls and their IEP's with their teachers. Whilst there I saw DD2 chatting away in Welsh to DD1's teacher! At home we're English speaking but all the children attend a Welsh school, which is also the one I attended as a child. Being a Welsh school it means that the children are taught through the medium of Welsh, and English is introduced as they get older. In fact, I was 6 when I moved here from Lancashire in England, yet when I left the school aged 11, despite the fact that no one in my family knew Welsh, I was fluent as though I had been speaking it all my life. Unfortunately my Secondary school was more English and as I never used my Welsh as we live in a rather English corner of Wales, I forgot my Welsh and I am no relearning it with some friends at school. What makes it so amazing to hear my little 5yr old chatting away in another language, is that up until a few months ago she rarely spoke a word in English outside of home, let alone Welsh!!! (See Proud Mummy)

4. Last week the children brought their school reports home and they were fantastic!!! DD2's teacher said that she would spend all day in the creative corner if she could, but that she was a polite and well behaved child who has made good progress this year and she is very pleased to hear her talking and communicating. DS' teacher wrote that he is always polite with adults and he is popular amongst his friends. He is a sincere pupil and very obliging child but does have a tendency to daydream and gets distracted easily. DD1's teacher wrote that she shows enjoyment and willingness in class, concentrates well and always makes an effort. The two older ones also have an excellent attendance figure of 98.8% for the year, DD2's is a little lower at 89.3% but she's spent more time off due to her operation. 

So there are my Reasons to be Cheerful this week. What are yours? Why not link up with the Mummy From The Heart and her weekly link-up below and don't forget to check out some of the other posts and share the love!!!

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