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Weeride Kangaroo Front Bike Seat Review

As a family we are lucky to live in such a wonderful area with lots of fun places to ride our bikes. Whether it's along the mile long promenade beside the beach, through the woodland, across the mile long bridge spanning the estuary and along the old railway line which was featured in Julia Bradbury's Railway Walks, or even to the mountain bike trails in the Coed y Brenin Forests a few miles away. Plenty of choice, but how to transport the baby when we are out and about on our bikes.

Looking for a bike seat, I came across a fantastic product, and everytime we have been out with her sitting in the seat, people have always stopped to comment on the seat and to ask where we got it.

That product is the Kangaroo from Weeride

What makes the Kangaroo so special, is that unlike tradition bike seats, the child sits in front of the parent instead of behind. This means that you can keep your eyes on your child whilst out and about and you feel safer with them between your arms instead of behind you where you can't see them. This also makes it more interesting for the child as they can see where they are going, and look around, whilst communicating and interacting with their parent. The Kangaroo also doesn't affect the bike's balance, like traditional rear seats can, so that you don't need to learn to adjust your riding seat to compensate and doesn't cause unnecessary stress on parts of the bike which aren't designed for the extra weight or balance shift. I worry that with a rear seat, you cannot see what your child is doing, and they could be climbing out of their seat and even hanging out of it without you realising it! Plus, they don't have much of a view when all they can see is your back right in front of them, meaning they have to twist their heads to see anything interesting.

Everytime we have been out on the bike, whether long or short bikes with the family, or nipping to town to the shops, everyone has loved her seat, and she sits there proudly and I love the fact that she calls my bike, HER bike now because her seat is on it.

Yet that's not all, unlike traditional bike seats, the Kangaroo bike seat can fit ANY bike, whilst the traditional ones cannot be used on dual suspension bikes. The Kangaroo can also be removed in seconds by removing the seat and leaving the bar, meaning you can use the bike without the seat and making it easier to transport the bike, and you can buy extra bars so that the seat can be attached to another bike in seconds.

Another fantastic feature of the Kangaroo seat is that it has a pad in front, so that if your child gets tired, they can rest their head on the pad and go to sleep comfortably.

I thoroughly recommend this product and if you are thinking of buying a bike seat then buy the Kangaroo or Safefront. We own the Kangaroo Deluxe

The Kangaroo is available in four different styles.
The Kangaroo
The Kandaroo Deluxe - Same as the Kangaroo, but with the added bonus of thick seat and back padding as well as new EU approved safety buckle.
The Safefront - Similar to the Kangaroo, but with higher sides for increased child stability, added strap under the bar for extra stability, 2 movement thumbscrew for safety, 2 movement buckle release for safety, additional straps on footcup holders, increased seat size.
Safefront Deluxe - Same as the Safefront, but with the added bonus of thick seat and back padding.

Child is visible at all times by rider
· Child's needs can be heard, seen and attended to more easily
· Interesting view for child - no more staring at someone's back! 
· Child's weight enhances rather than impairs bicycle stability
· Better communication between adult and child
· More comfortable, enjoyable riding experience for child
· Improved balance for rider due to child's central position on bicycle 
· Enhanced safety because adult's arms surround child
· Easy to remove child carrier for riding alone
· No dangling arms or legs to reach wheels
· Rear of bike is free to carry equipment
The Kangaroo is available from several online stores which sell bikes, but Weeride promise that they are the cheapest on the web

The Kangaroo has also been voted the Best Child Seat 2012 by Mumsnet

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