Thursday, 5 July 2012

What a weekend!!!

This weekend I think I had a bad dose of Murphys Law - That things that can go wrong... WILL go wrong! And proved that things do indeed happen in three's.

The weekend started badly on Friday night as I didn't get much sleep and then Saturday morning hubby wasn't feeling very well! I'd arranged to take my old car, which has been idle for a year on my parent's drive, to the scrap yard a few miles away and I'd put insurance on it for the day so I could drive it. Luckily I'd put the insurance in my name and not hubby's as he was in no fit state to drive! My dad phoned me in the morning and told me he was struggling to get the car started, but when I arrived he had managed to jump start it and was inflating the tyre. I parked my car and DD1 and the baby jumped into my mum's car as she was following us to give us a lift home as my dad was scrapping his car as well. Finally the tyre was blown up and we were ready to go. I had some warnings from my dad about the brakes, as they were rusty and it would take a while for the rust to rub off, and whilst that was happening they might not work very well. He went and got in his car just in case my brakes didn't work at all as he didn't want me to run into it. I got in the car, turned the key in the ignition... and nothing happened!!! Nothing... nada... zip!!! Just a clicking noise of a dead battery! Dad had driven off by now, but luckily as his car had been pointing up the hill he had to go and turn around, so I flagged him down and told him it wouldn't start again. He came over with his spare battery and jump leads and whilst we were trying to get it to start again I heard this almighty...


I just knew what the sound was! Praying that I was wrong, I turned around and saw their elderly neighbour pulling her car out of my car... and not the one I was scrapping!!!

I ran down the hill to the car and was greeted with this lovely sight

It was in one of the worst places to hit the car, as it's also one of the thickest and toughest parts! I've just had a quote to repair the damage and its an eye watering £591!!! The poor lady was very upset and apologetic saying she hadn't seen the big silver Galaxy parked behind her car and has agreed to pay for the repairs. Sadly for her someone had hit her car the week before in a local supermarket and had just driven off!

So whilst we were dealing with the Galaxy and the dent, it gave the old car a little time to charge the battery and we finally managed to get it started. I drove it slowly and carefully down the hill, praying the brakes would work when I got to the bottom, as I didn't want to crash into any cars or the restaurant at the bottom of the hill! Thankfully they worked, and I slowly began my journey to the scrap yard, hearing the rust and weeds and whatever else had accumulated on the car over the past 13mths falling off as we went along!

Finally I arrived at the scrap yard and told them I had brought a car to be scrapped and they asked me to drive it on to the weigh bridge to be weighed as how much they would pay me for the car would depend on how much it weighed! I carefully drove the car onto the weigh bridge and without thinking, I committed the ultimate mistake... I took the key out of the car! When I went back to try it again, it wouldn't start much to my embarrassment!

Luckily at that moment, my dad arrived and managed to jump start it again, so we could get my car off the weigh bridge and put his car in place. My dad is retiring in a few weeks and because the car was due it's tax and MOT and there was no point in having two cars when he retires he decided to scrap it instead.

I parked my car and this time I left the ignition running, which turned out to be a good thing as my dad asked me to move it. I was puzzled as I thought I had left him enough room to move his car and I got even more puzzled when I saw him using his leg to push the car backwards in a 3-point turn. Dad drove his car onto the weigh bridge whilst I said goodbye to my car and thanked it for it's loyal service, especially bringing the baby home from hospital safely as a newborn.

I got in my mum's car and a few minutes later my dad climbed in as well and told my mum to look away. I asked him why he had left his car on the weigh bridge and that's when I learnt he had another reason for scrapping the car... the reverse gear didn't work and being an 16yr automatic car it would be expensive to fix. I looked into the scrap yard and saw a fork lift carrying my car away and I felt really sad watching it be carried away :( Then it went to get my dad's car. "Don't look!" he ordered my mum who was starting to get upset, the car used to be hers and had been her first car, rather than my dad's that she was allowed to drive. My dad thought they were going to put the forks of the forklift through the windows but instead they put them under the car and picked it up. Then, the front slipped off and my mum got very upset saying "Show it some respect, it's my car, my first car" (She'll kill me for telling you that LOL). Isn't it funny how you get sentimental about cars!

We went home and I dropped the girls off before catching the train to work. Whilst in work, the guy from the scrap yard came over and told me that my car had gone, that it had been squashed and for some reason, even though I hadn't used it for over a year, I felt really sad and it put a downer on my whole evening at work :(

I thought then that the bad times were over! Sunday we went to church and even though I'm not one for speaking in public, I stood up and thanked everyone for their prayers for DD2. Last year I had worried she had selective mutism as she would not utter a single word outside of home. She didn't talk at playschool, at the nursery class at school or even at my friends house despite knowing my friend since birth! Finally she was diagnosed as having glue ear and back in January she had grommets in her ears (See The Happy Patient). Since the operation she is a different child, she is chatting away happily and has come out of her shell as she has grown in confidence, she even has a cheeky side which she never had before! (See What A Difference a Year Makes and A Different Child). The reason I had stood up was that last week, she had been awarded her very first "Pupil of the Month" award from school (See Very Proud Mummy) and I wanted to share with everyone how proud I was of her!

Afterwards we went to my parents so my dad and hubby could finish fitting the new brakes on my Galaxy (the one with the dent), a job which they had started on Father's Day, but been unable to fit them because they were lacking a part which Katie Cupcake Cymru's husband very kindly lent us.

After dinner we headed home to get the kids bathed and ready for school and whilst running the bath, I commited the ultimate sin... I had my phone in my hand and lent over to show DD2 a Tangled cake someone had posted on Facebook and my phone somehow slipped out of my hand and...


Landed straight in the bath!!!

I quickly fished it out of the bath and pulled it apart onto a towel. It seemed dry and after getting advice from friends on facebook I put it in some rice which absorbs the water and prayed it would work. I should have put it in an airing cupboard but sadly we don't have one. The following morning I tried it and it wouldn't switch on, but later on that afternoon, much to my relief as I needed it on Tuesday, it finally switched on and seemed ok. Unfortunately whilst I was in London the phone stopped working and will not unlock, it's as though the touch screen is broken, so it's being picked up today to see if it can be repaired.

So there we have the two things that went wrong this weekend... but wait you say (well those of you who managed to make it this far!) you said there was three things!!!

In the scheme of the other two, then the third was a mere inconvience compared to damage to belongings! Two weeks ago I ordered some business cards from Visa Print ready for my epic jaunt to London yesterday for Christmas in July (more of that to come!) and they were supposed to have arrived but hadn't! I felt very unprofessional as everyone kept asking for my business card with my blog links on it and I didn't have them to hand out, whilst my friends, Missing Sleep and Katie Cupcake Cymru who had also gone with me, were handing them out left, right and centre! I'd even ordered a t-shirt to arrive with my blog logo on it to wear so I was gutted they didn't arrive in time! Of course, annoyingly, had two parcels arrive, the original one and the replacement one and now I have 500 business cards, two pens and two t-shirts and nowhere to go :(

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