Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Bedroom Fit For A Princess!

Ever since we moved into our flat three years ago, my daughters aged 7 and 5 have been sharing a bedroom. Thankfully our flat is quite big and we have four bedrooms, but the smallest room wasn't being used, and I had planned to put the baby in there. I assumed that since DD1 and DD2 were closest in ages with only 20mths apart, then they would be better off sharing instead of DD2 and the baby as there is 3yrs and a month between them.

However DD1 and DD2 do not get on at all, unlike the baby and DD2 who adore each other and we decided that it would be better to give my 7yr old her own bedroom and her own space in hopes it would help with her behaviour. 

Unfortunately, as the spare bedroom hasn't been used as a room for over 25yrs (it was originally a kitchen when our flat was two separate flats and apart from having the kitchen equipment removed, it had just been used to store junk!), it wasn't in the greatest condition with a large crack on one wall and leaking plaster on another and not suitable for a young girl to sleep in.

My parents, who are also my landlords, agreed that some work was needed before my 7yr old could sleep in the room and arranged for a builder to come and do the work. This is where all the problems started! Since then we have been in touch with several different builders and plasterers who have promised to come and do the work, but have never turned up when promised or haven't gotten back to us!

Finally, we managed to find someone who was not only willing to do the work, but turned up when promised and actually did the work on her bedroom! Then, this past week my dad and I have spent ages decorating it and mum and I took her out for a girlie day out to choose a new carpet. Then yesterday, whilst I was at work, my dad and hubby spent all afternoon building her high bed, which turned out to be a challenge worthy of krypton factor and only just fit in her small bedroom. The biggest challenge in her small bedroom was that the room wasn't big enough for a bed and a wardrobe so we needed a bed with a wardrobe underneath, but it had to be short enough that if ended before a low beam which cut across her room and low enough to fit below the sloping ceiling!

So here's the pictures of her room. It's not completely finished yet as I have promised her some Hello Kitty stickarounds and we need to find a place for her TV and she wants a chair, but still I think it looks really good and she's feeling very spoilt!

Here are the pictures of her room taken after the work was completed but before we decorated. 

And here are the pictures of her bedroom now.

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