Saturday, 25 August 2012

Artzooka Wooden Spoon Puppets Review

Artzooka is a creative brand by Wooky Entertainment, which is designed to inspire children aged 5+ to get crafty using their artistic skills and imagination. Each Artzooka project includes instructions and a unique challenge making it the perfect activity for a rainy afternoon! Children can collect different kits and show off their work when they've made their masterpieces.

We were sent Wooden Spoon Puppets to review.

Inside the box you find two wooden spoons and 6 sets of cardboard outfits and hair/hat that can be decorated however the child wants using the paint and paint brush provided or colouring pens. There is also an inspiration booklet with a challenge to make a pencil holder complete with instructions.

My girls had great fun creating the wooden spoon puppets. We decided to use colouring pens rather than the paint provided as my 2yr old was around and climbing on the table and getting in the way, so I decided it would be easier to use pens instead, plus it meant it was easier for my 5yr old to colour in a little neater.

I did think it was a shame that there was only two spoons provided, as it meant they had to choose between the costumes for the puppets, and even using both sides of the spoon meant that two costumes couldn't be used. It also meant that if you have more than two children, then someone is left out and cannot join in unless you buy an extra pack.

However, I think they are a wonderful rainy day, or even any day, activity and the girls enjoyed playing with the puppets afterwards with each other! I would definitely buy Artzooka products again. 

We were sent a box of Artzooka Wooden Spoon Puppets for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I thought about the product. I received no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product and I retain full editorial control and integrity.

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