Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Exclusive - The World's First Vending Machine for Babies

Nowadays, wherever you go, you are sure to find vending machines. Whilst they can be handy for getting drinks or snacks, a lot of parents find they have to give their children unhealthy snacks as there is never any alternatives.

This weekend Ella's Kitchen unveiled the World's FIRST vending machine exclusively for toddlers and full of healthy drinks and snacks at LolliBop. The vending machine has taken specialists over four months to develop and construct with bespoke features to make it easy for toddlers to operate. Standing at only 115cm tall, it is perfectly sized for the average one year old to dispense their favourite snacks. 

Ella's Kitchen decided to develop the baby vending machine after research revealed that up to 82 per cent of British parent's struggle to find healthy snacks for their little ones whilst out and about and 58 per cent of parents have been forced to feed their children unhealthy foods such as crisps and chocolate because there has been nothing else available. 

The mini vending machine will be filled with 12 different varieties of snacks from Ella's Kitchen's healthy, handy and tasty snacks; such as Smoothie Fruits, Nibbly Fingers and new Puffits, to show parents that foods for kids whilst on the go don't need to be restricted to sugary or salty foods. 

With over a quarter of parents (27 per cent) feeding their children at least twice a day whilst out of home, the vending machine aims to raise awareness of the difficulties parents have finding healthy snacks on the go. Toddlers have tiny tummies that need to be regularly topped up with small snack to maintain their energy levels as they grow and explore the world around them. Ella's Kitchen snacks are aimed at little ones from seven months and contain 100% organic ingredients with absolutely no concentrates or refined sugars. 

The top hotspots with a lack of toddler-friendly snacks on offer were revealed as;
* Beaches (43 per cent)
* Parks or playgrounds (38 per cent)
* Shopping centres (36 per cent)
* Theme parks (33 per cent)
* Zoos or farms (29 per cent)

Paul Lindley, Ella's Dad and founder of Ella's Kitchen, comments: "By creating the first tiny vending machine, we hope to stimulate little ones' senses and encourage them to enjoy eating healthy foods from a young age. Our snack products are designed to be healthy, handy and fun for both parents and their children allowing them to spend more time exploring the big outdoors without worrying about finding healthy foods. We can't wait for the little ones to try out the machine for themselves at LolliBop!"

This weekend, as we were in LolliBop we saw the Ella's Kitchen vending machine and it certainly seemed to be popular, with a small queue each time we passed and the staff had to keep re-stocking it with all the Ella's Kitchen snacks. My 2yr old was very impressed with the vending machine and enjoyed using it, feeling very grown up that there was actually a vending machine she could use! All children like feeling grown-up and with the Ella's Kitchen vending machine being so easy for toddlers to use they could feel very grown up using it and the added enjoyment that the vending machine was just for them - no grown-ups allowed!!!

I can see this vending machie being very popular and I hope that soon we will find them in a lot more places! Especially hospitals, as I've always found it ironic that wherever you look in a hospital you can find vending machines dispensing junk food, when your doctors are always telling you to lay off the junk food and eat healthily! 

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