Sunday, 26 August 2012

LolliBop Festival for Kids 2012

Finally, after weeks of waiting and asking "Is it time yet" the weekend of our big trip to London arrived. But why were we heading from our tiny coastal town in North Wales, in the middle of nowhere, to London? Because... much to my children's delight... we had been offered tickets to attend LolliBop!

Held for the 2nd year in a row at Regent's Park in London on a glorious sunny day, we attended the last day of the event on the Sunday. The journey down to London was long (see The Long Journey), but the big question was... was it worth it?

Yes, I think it was. 

There were a few bad points,the main one being it was VERY busy which meant that there were queues everywhere. This meant we did miss a few things because my children are very impatient and don't like queuing at all! In fact they saw the queue for the B&Q Mini Workshop and although they were itching to go in and make something they didn't want to queue, same with the John Lewis Lane, which is a shame because it looked a lot of fun! Also food and drinks were very expensive, but then wherever you go, especially to festivals like this, then you will find it very busy with queues and expensive food and drinks. 

However they did enjoy making some clay models and so did daddy. Just a shame that they didn't make them home safely.

There was lots to see and do in LolliBop, DS couldn't wait to go to Skylanders Arena and have a go, especially as we don't have the game, but it is now #1 on his Christmas list! 

It was even a hit with Mark Owen and I'm just sad he wasn't there the same day I was!

The girls both loved Mister Maker! But were sad we didn't see Clifford the Big Red Dog.

My favourite was Titan the Robot! He was fantastic and DS loved the fact that he got squirted!

Stavros Flatley was also great fun, I even saw the dad walking around and I was so upset I didn't have hubby with me as everyone says hubby is his twin and they even dance alike! Would have loved a photo of the two of them together!

And of course, the highlight of Sunday and well deserved a mention... Shrek the Musical! This was brilliant and a good way of introducing young children to shows like this!

I was also impressed at one point when I heard CBeebies presenters Katie (from I Can Cook) and Alex telling all the children to come to the front and the adults to stay back, as I did find that sometimes children couldn't see what was going on because adults were standing up in front of them or in their way.

Of course we did have a few tantrums from my 5yr old who kept wandering away, she wanted a balloon but after I'd seen so many flying away that I was surprised that London hadn't had to close the airport, there was no way I was going to risk her losing one (not to mention the nightmare of trying to get it all the way home safe and intact!)

Everyone had a really good day, even when we had a brief shower and thunderstorm, it didn't spoil anyone's enjoyment and since it was such a hot day clothes quickly dried. If anything it was too hot, but of course that wasn't LolliBop's fault and had it been raining it wouldn't have been such a good day!

I would definitely take the family to LolliBop again and if they host it again next year, I recommend it to everyone!

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