Sunday, 12 August 2012

Missing Child - Beach Fun

Last week one of my best friends phoned and asked if we wanted to meet up on the beach for a play date. I wasn't going to, but when her sister sent me a text that lunchtime to say they were on the beach if we wanted to join them, I decided to take a break from decorating my 7yr olds bedroom and give them a treat for being so good whilst I was decorating. 

It was a short walk along the prom to where we were meeting them and they all enjoyed walking on the wall between the prom and the beach (part of the sea defense and a wall I walked on many a time as a child) having a competition to see who could see everyone first!

Finally we arrived and the older two were in the sea with their friends before I'd even got my 2yr old onto the beach! I was just about to sit down once I'd sorted the 2yr old out when I suddenly realised I couldn't see my 5yr old. She had been behind me when I walked my 2yr old onto the beach, so where had she vanished too? My friends couldn't see her either and we all began a quick search for her. She wasn't in the sea with her older brother and sister and she was nowhere to be seen! Panic started to raise as I looked as hard as I could but I couldn't see her anywhere and by now everyone else was starting to panic as well! 

One of the girls was on the prom and saw someone local and asked if they'd seen my 5yr old and she had, further along the prom so whilst they shouted to me that they knew where she was, two of them ran down the prom to get her!

When we were finally reunited she was crying and her first words to me was;

"I didn't know where you was!" 

It seems that she had been in her own little world and hadn't noticed me taking the 2yr old onto the beach and had carried on walking along the prom until she realised she couldn't see me and then she started to panic and walk back towards her!

It just goes to show, no matter how careful you are, all it takes is a split second and they can go missing!

I'm just so grateful she was ok and nothing bad happened to her, especially as being a seaside town, our town is a lot more busier in the summer than it is in the winter, especially on hot days when everyone wants to visit the beach!

Despite our panic, we settled down and had a lot of fun in the sun! In fact my 2yr old had so much fun, she ended up falling asleep on my shoulders on the way home!

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