Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Shhhh... It's a SURPRISE!!!

Last week my dad turned 65, and a week earlier he actually retired!

To celebrate this occasion and the start of a new chapter in his life, my mum and I decided to throw him a surprise party!

Now, we don't call my dad "Sherlock Bones" for nothing as it is so hard to keep anything a secret from him! Although I think living in a different house and playing the middle man of the organisation made it slightly easier. 

Of course it didn't help when my 5yr old told him her best friend was going to his birthday and then their elderly tenent mentioned she would see him tomorrow and then someone else said to him "Sorry we can't make it!" so in all honesty he did have some idea that something was going on!

We didn't let it stop us though! My older brother was up from down South with his 2 kids and my kids were in their element spending time with their cousins. I snuck of early to meet the DJ and help decorate, whilst another friend prepared all the food and Katie Cupcake Cymru made him his birthday cake!

So finally it was time, everyone had arrived, nannny had phoned to say he was on his way and all the kids were lined up near the door ready to sing. My nephew came running in.... "He's here!" as the lights went out and a hush descended. Then... the door opened... and in he came to a rousing Happy Birthday song. 

Check out the video, apologies for the poor quality but it was in the dark and on my phone!

All in all the party was a big success. Granddad loved catching up with all his friends, and my 7yr old enjoyed singing along with her cousin and friend to One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful!

Here are some pictures of the fantastic cake made by Katie Cupcake Cymru

And some more pictures from the party!

So once more..


No doubt he'll be begging to go back to work soon with the endless list of jobs my mum has for him to do!!!

***Apologies for the poor quality pictures but they were taken on my phone in the dark!***

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