Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Things Happen for a Reason

One of my motto's in life has always been "Things happen for a reason" which can also be explained as "Every cloud has a silver linning" or "When one door closes another one opens"

Whenever anything bad has happened, I can usually find something good that came about because of it. Being a Christian, I also believe that it is because God only wants good things for us in our lives and He can turn any situation around because He loves us so much that he gave his one and only son to die for us!

Recently I wrote about an a bad experience my son suffered when we went to the local CofE church for their Jubilee Messy Party (see I tell my children off... not you!)

Shortly afterwards, after a friend of the lady concerned confronted me outside my children's school I decided to write to the Reverend and explain my side of the story and how my son was feeling. The Reverend then came around to chat to me and deal with the situation which was quickly resolved.

As he was leaving he asked me if my son (who is 9) would be interested in attending a local camp the first week of the summer holidays organised by the Urban Saints Wales. I asked my son and he was thrilled about the idea and really wanted to go!

Last week he attended the camp, staying there for 3 nights and 4 days and he thoroughly enjoyed himself and had a fantastic time! He even won a t-shirt (well actually he was given it to shut him up LOL) as he answered every question that the group was asked correctly but didn't give anyone else the chance to answer!

He enjoyed himself so much that he can't wait to go again next year and even his 7yr old sister, who will be old enough to attend next year) can't wait to go as well!

So there you have it! If the lady at Messy Church hadn't had a go at my son for breaking a Seagull's egg, and I hadn't felt so annoyed about it that I wrote to the Reverend, then we wouldn't have known about the camp and he wouldn't have had such a lovely experience!

There you are, one the many silver linning I have found when something bad has happened! But what about you? Can you think of anything positive that has come from something negative? I bet you can if you think about it! Why not share it below in the comments!!!

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