Wednesday, 5 September 2012

CuddleUpPets Poodle Review

What do you get when you cross a cuddly blanket with a cute puppet?

A CuddleUpPet!

New from Flair, these snug blankets have a unique puppet head and they will cuddle, hug and wrap little ones in love. They're ideal when travelling or on the sofa watching TV but it's at bedtime that they come into their own! By helping create bedtime routines and traditions, the CuddleUpPet becomes a favourite toy that is cuddled during the story and then taken to bed helping the child enjoy bedtime and relax into sleep. 

Parents searching for the perfect bedtime companion for their little one can choose from five cuddly and colourful animal blankets.

A Pink Poodle, brown Bear, blue Elephant, green Crocodile and orange Dog.

My 2yr old was sent a pink Poodle CuddleUpPet and she loves it. She enjoys cuddling it, and especially enjoys it when I read a bedtime story and use it as a puppet as though the dog was enjoying the story as well, before she gets into bed. It's also handy to use as a blanket if she falls asleep during the day. 

CuddleUpPets are just £19.99 and provide the perfect toy with a twist for bedtime They roll cuddles, comfort and a good night's sleep into one huggable plush package!

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