Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Doctor Who?

So this weekend we had the 2nd episode of series 7 of Doctor Who

and last week the new series started with Asylum of the Dalek's

Did you watch it?

What did you think?

For my 9yr old they were excellent, 1st week Daleks, 2nd week Dinosaurs! His favourite baddies and who doesn't like dinosaurs!

He get's his love of Doctor Who from me! It is our time to snuggle together on the sofa and watch it (usually on the Sunday as I work Saturday evenings and he's under strict instructions not to watch it without me!) 

I've been a fan of Doctor Who for as long as I can remember! Some of my earliest memories are of watching it from behind the sofa and throwing a tantrum if my mum dared turn off the TV when I was watching it!

I can only remember one specific episode I watched as a child and it turns out it was the very last Doctor Who episode until it was revived in 2005. The episode was a 3 parter called Survival. I only really remember it because of the nightmare I had after seeing Ace's eyes turn feline as she began to turn into a cat, or rather a member of the Cheetah People. 

However I do remember the 4th (Colin Baker), 5th (Peter Davison) and 7th (Sylvester McCoy) Doctors best. I suppose I watched the 6th (Colin Baker) as well but I don't really remember him at all! However he is my 15yr old nephews favourite Doctor!

When Doctor Who returned in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston in the lead role, I didn't watch it. "Remakes are never any good" I thought. But then I caught an episode (Bad Wolf I think it was) and I thought "This is rather good!" and started watching it. Of course I caught it just as Christopher Eccleston regenerated into David Tennant... who quickly became my most favourite Doctor EVER! 

My favourite companion was Donna. She didn't love the Doctor like Rose and Martha and Martha annoyed me because she was always feeling not good enough and jealous of Rose. Donna and the Doctor had a sibling love/hate relationship and the chemistry and cheeky chat between them was amazing!

I also loved Sarah Jane in the new episodes (with the 10th and 11th Doctor) and Sarah Jane adventures, which my son and I would enjoy watching together. I don't remember her when she was the 3rd and 4th Doctor's companion, and I was sorry to hear of her death last year. 

Christmas 2009, was David Tenants final outing as the 10th Doctor, with one episode showing on Christmas Day and the final episode, including the regeneration of the 10th into the 11th Doctor, showing on New Years Day. I was heavily pregnant with my youngest, and because of my gestational diabetes I was supposed to be admitted on that day to be induced the following day (which was also my mum's birthday). Lunch time it began to snow and as we live on the coast and rarely get snow and our local hospital was over 60 miles away and included traveling over mountains and moors, I decided it would be safer to postpone my induction rather than risk traveling in the snow, especially as I wasn't to be there until 8pm! This also meant I could sit and watch the finale with the rest of my family! I enjoyed the episode, but I kept waiting for him to die and regenerate, which kinda put a damper on the episode. I also remember that when he cried "I don't want to die" whilst regenerating, I cried it as well!

My 9yr old does like the 11th Doctor, probably more than I do because I'm still missing the 10th and if I'm honest he is growing on me and I would probably have liked him a lot more hadn't he followed David Tenant (who would be a tough act for anyone to follow). My 9yr old also admits that his favourite Doctor is the 10th as well!

In fact my 9yr old loves Doctor Who so much, that following Matt Smith's first epeisode, The Eleventh Hour, where he eats fish fingers and custard...

He had to try some as well!

(sorry it's sideways!)

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