Sunday, 23 September 2012

Schleich Bayala Figurines Review

Welcome to Bayala, an enchanting and magical place where elves work and play alongside Pegasus, Unicorns and many other animals.

But something special is coming to Bayala...

New children elves, fantasy animals, horses and unicorns are joining this mystical world from Schleich and encouraging the imagination of children.

The magical elves of Bayala are already a fascination to girls and now there are some new additions to the range in the form of children. These new young elves join the mystical world from Schleich and line in Bayala together with Pegasus, unicorns and many other animals. 

Graceful and playful, the young elves will inspire and delight the imagination. There's one extraordinary thing about them, they all have a special relationship with the natural plant world. Two favourites will be the Chestnut Elf who wears a skirt made of chestnut shells and another beautiful Magnolia elf child that wears a dress made of delicate magnolia blossom 

Also new this year, the popular Princess Eyela rides through the country on her magical white horse she will be accompanied by two elves who gallop on their wonderful forest unicorns. And who knows, perhaps on their magical journey they may encounter the beautiful fantasy creature known as the Magical Asian being. 

In the autumn, an Elf merry-go-round will further capture the imagination of children and will make an amazing centre piece to any treasured Bayala display. 

The Bayala figurines from Schlech are magical and are sure to delight any little girl. The detail is lifelike and you can almost imagine them dancing around the garden under a full moon!
Much to my 7yr old's delight, she received a Bayala Elf Wedding Scenery Pack. The figures in the Scenery pack can be put together with the accessories to create a lively, pictorial scene and each set contains a specially designed article which cannot be bought separately. The breathtakingly beautiful bride and groom are looking forward to their special day and have a special guest, a captivating flower elf in her pretty pink dress will transform the path from the wedding ceremony to the reception into a sea of flowers. 

She was also sent Pegasus, a magnificent white stallion with wings.  In Bayala there are so many wonderful and rate creatures. The noblest animals in this world are winged horses. One moment they are grazing peacefully on the bank of the elf stream, the next instant they stretch out their powerful wings and vanish with a few beats of their wings on the horizon. Only truly select elves may ride along on their backs. 

The figurines are glittery which is perfect for any little girl and with intricate details.  Meticulously handpainted with true-to-life modelling and made with a type of plastic, meaning they are tougher than traditional china figurines, opening them up to be played with, rather than just adored from afar safe inside their boxes!

My 7yr old fell in love with this figurines. What little girls doesn't like playing weddings and here she was with her own bride and groom elf, complete with Pegasus as a guest of honour! The problem is she loves them so much, she doesn't want to take them out of the box and she wants to collect all the pieces!

With so many fabulous and fantastic figurines to collect, she is in her element and has already written a list of which ones she wants to add to her collection so that she can display them with pride in her bedroom!

Remember to check out Schleich's Bayala website where you can discover more about Bayala and discover a map of Bayala and see the figurines in their magical surroundings. 

We were sent Schleich Bayala Figurines for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I thought about the product. I recieved no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product and I retain full editorial control and integrity. 

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