Thursday, 4 October 2012

Our Canal Boat Holiday Day One - Travelling!

On Friday the kids all woke up very excited! Chants of  “We’re going on holiday!” was all you could hear. No school today as two of them were travelling down with nanny and granddad, but they’d all been good and brought home extra homework from school on Thursday, at their own request! My 7yr old was also excited that her homework was a diary and she had the school seagull teddy – known as Wendy Wylans, as well so she could take pictures of Wendy on our travels!

Daddy had to work, so I had my orders on what packing still needed doing and what I was to make sure I remembered, I was also busy downloading things for them to watch on the boat and on to my friend’s daughters Innotab so she could watch it on the plane when they went on holiday as well. This meant my 9yr old son was most disgusted that I was using both computer and he had none to use!

At around 11am, my parents arrived in my car (looong story why they were using it and we weren’t and why they were taking two of the kids with them as I was using their car and there wasn’t enough room for us all in theirs). 9yr old DS and 5yr old DD waved happily as granddad sent off to Rugby, whilst 7yr old and 2yr old DD’s came back upstairs with me.

Finally; the packing was all done, the car was loaded, the memory chip delivered to my friends and it was time to set off to pick daddy up from work. We were just about to leave my friends when the phone went, daddy was waiting at our house and hoped we hadn’t left without him as he’d managed to get a lift home!

So off we set, we had a little detour to Wrexham first so I could pick my new glasses up. The baby had broken them and I didn’t fancy driving in the dark and on the motorways without them!

A little after an hour, we arrived in Wrexham and I went into Tesco to get my glasses. We were going to get tea in the cafe but they had stopped serving meals so we decided to go somewhere else and went to Burger King. Getting out of the car outside Burger King, my 7yr old started breaking her heart as she realised we had left Wendy Wylan, the school seagull at Tesco!

Thankfully Tesco wasn’t far so whilst hubby ordered our food, I went back to Tesco to look for Wendy. We retraced our steps and asked security, customer services and even the cleaners, but no one had seen Wendy. I even sent my 7yr old to look where we had parked the car but she came back in tears as there was still no sign of Wendy! She was upset and worried she would get into trouble with school for losing it. I decided to drive past where we had parked the car, and there she was! Hiding behind the back wheel of a car! So feeling happy we returned to Burger King for our tea.

The rest of the journey passed peacefully. We had the usual “Are we there yet?” every 10 minutes and leaving Wrexham I did wonder where Jane the Sat Nav was taking us, especially as it’s my dad’s Sat Nav and he hasn’t updated it for such a long time that it didn’t even know that the roads around Eagles Meadow in Wrexham had changed and she was sending me down roads that no longer existed and showing that I was driving on a road that didn’t exist!

Finally we were heading the right direction and soon hit the motorways. We had a bit of falling out between the girls over my phone and the DS, and then between hubby and me as he’s not very good at navigating and he didn’t trust Jane to get us to the boat. As it was, Jane did very well and got us to the pub right next to the marina and as we pulled into the pub car park we saw granddad waiting for us and he led us to the boat.

Because it was late when we got to the boat, we found my 9yr old fast asleep on our bed and my 5yr old asleep on nanny and granddad’s bed, of course when we arrived they soon woke up and became excited! Shortly afterwards, we were all settled and asleep on our first night on the boat, ready for the morning and the off

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