Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Smoke Relief Electronic Cigarette Review

Personally I have never smoked. I watched both my grandparents die of cancer, and I vowed then that I would never smoke. Especially as my granddad died because of passive smoking as it was my nan who was the smoker. 

Hubby on the other hand, he has been smoking since he was a young lad, and although he has quit several times, after about a year he has starting again for some unknown reason, and the more times he's started the harder it has been for him to quit!

It's gotten to the point where patches no longer seem to help and he's finding it really hard to quit! Even though he recently lost his own father from throat cancer!

So when we were sent some electric cigarettes from Smoke Relief I wasn't sure what to expect! But what I didn't realise was that they are not an aid for giving up smoking, they are a harm-free alternative to old-style tobacco cigarettes for existing smokers. They are not very good at helping you give up smoking because you are still addicted to the nicotine and you are sill getting the full smoking experience, what they are is a healthier alternative without all those harmful side effects! 

The ideal time was when we went away on my parents canal boat for a week. As the canal meanders through countryside, with few shops and a couple of pubs for him to buy cigarettes from, it meant he had to stick with the electronic cigarettes or do without!

One of his favourite things about the electronic cigarettes, is the fact that he can "smoke" in places where he wouldn't normally be allowed. That he could sit watching tv and having one, instead of being sent to Coventry and having to smoke outside. Being in the car is the same. There is nothing worse for a non-smoker than getting into the car after hubby has used it all week to go to work and to find it stinking of cigarettes! I HATE it!

The kids found the cigarettes fascinating  that it would glow and smoke just like a real cigarette and they enjoyed daddy not disappearing every now and then for a crafty cigarette, but instead sitting and watching the film with them!

But what are the Electronic Cigarettes from Smoke Relief?
Have you ever seen the smoke machines that you often find in nightclubs? It's actually vaporised glycerine. Smoke Relief electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that give you inhaled doses of glycerine vapour mixed with nicotine and one of seven flavourings (tobacco, menthol, cherry, peach, cappuccino, vanilla and apple).

How do they work?
Each electronic cigarettes consists of a battery and a cartomiser (atomiser and cartridge combined). As you draw on the cigarette the cartomiser gets powered up and vaporises some of the flavoured nicotine which you inhale as smoke

It's not actually real smoke, although it looks like it is. In fact it is just vaporised vegetable glycerine - nothing is burnt so there is no cancerous tar and it is completely harmless. Glycerine is similar to a sugar, it gets absorbed in your lungs and metabolised by your body. Which is why electronic cigarettes are technically legal to use in the UK in clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, offices and on public transport (but expect to have some explaining to do and the odd raised eyebrow!)

With electronic cigarettes there is no ash, tar, fire risk or smoker's breath. There is no flame, no carbon monoxide and no passive smoking risk. You won't get smoker's breath and you won't smell of stale smoke. 

But why should you use an electric cigarette?
* They look and feel like a real cigarette - although a little heavier. 
* Freedom to smoke it anywhere in the UK - buses, trains, planes, bars, clubs, work, at home, in the car.
* Cheaper than cigarettes - roughly equivalent to £1 a packet
* Nothing to offend other people around you
* No teeth discolouration, bad breath, nicotine-stained fingers and stale smelling clothes

But the big question is.... Do they TASTE like real cigarettes?
Unfortunatly they don't. The regular tobacco flavoured variety of Smoke Relief electronic cigarettes have a slight "caramel/herbal" flavour. So expect a different taste, but it's not that different and you'll get used to it. My hubby soon did and he actually preferred the taste of the electronic cigarette. 

What I really liked was that Smoke Relief electronic cigerattes are available in several flavours (tobacco, menthol, peach, vanilla, apple, cherry and cappuccino) but that they do mixed cartridges (apple, cherry, cappucino, peach, vanilla) so you can sample other flavours without running the risk of buying a box and not liking the taste.

We were sent  a Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette kit for hubby to try which comprised of;
Deluxe smoke relief charger boc
2 x lithium-ion cigarette batteries
USB cable and charger
5 x 18mg tobacco cartridges - equivalent to 100 cigarettes
5 x cartridges of your chosen flavour and strength - equivalent to 100 cigarettes

Easy to use, you just plug your charger box into a usb port or using the cable into the plug socket and once fully charged it lasts about a week and takes about 4hrs to charge. Once charged just screw in a cartomiser and enjoy! 5-7 drags is equivalent to one ordinary cigarette. The cigarette battery will take 2-2.5hrs to charge in the charger box.

Hubby and I really liked the Smoke Relief electronic cigarettes, hubby enjoyed being able to smoke safely and where he wouldn't be allowed to smoke normally, especially in the house as I don't let him and once he adjusted to the taste he found it was just like smoking a normal cigarette. We both liked the fact that they looked like a normal cigarette, although a little bigger and heavier, as I've seen some fake cigarettes that make people look like they're puffing away on a biro!

The rechargeable kit comes with a 90 day no quibble moneyback guarantee for all UK customers. This means if you don't like it and want your money back just return it and they will refund you but minus the cost of postage. 

At 80% cheaper than cigarette, it saves you money! And I'm all for anything that saves me!

We were sent a deluxe rechargeable Smoke Relief eCigarette for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I and my husband (the smoker) thought about the product. I received no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product and I retain full editorial control and integrity. 


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