Friday, 12 October 2012

#sylvanianfamiliesparty My Very First Twitter Party

I'm so excited that I've been asked to host my very own Twitter Party for the first time! The girls are equally excited because it's Sylvanian Families and just like me they love them!
As a child I always wanted to collect Sylvanian Familes, but for some reason I never did! The Canal Boat was my favourite, and it still is to this day, especially as I've been on quite a few canal boat holidays in the past and always enjoyed them! Although I never collected Sylvanian Families, I had a friend who did and I would enjoy playing with them at her house when I was there! They always seemed really cute and all the accessories they have are so cool! I like that they seem to be set in the past, with old fashioned equipment and that gives you a taste of the past and what it must have been like to live in those days, with no washing machine, no dryer or dishwasher, no computer and no TV!

The biggest box I'd ever received arrived the other day, with everything I needed ready for the Twitter Party, but I was very good and waited until the kids came home from school to open it!

They were all amazed with what they found inside, but have been really good about waiting when I told them they had to wait until the party before they opened anything!

The girls have all invited one friend each, I would have loved to invite more, but with living in a small flat and already having 4 children I was limited to how many I could invite! Which is sad because the girls had a long list each of who they wanted to invite! 

We did invite my good friend Katie Cupcake Cymru as well who has told me she will make some yummy cakes for us all to enjoy! Yum, I can't wait as I love Katie's cakes!

Because this is a Twitter Party, a few other bloggers will be hosting them at the same time, including my other friend Missing Sleep

Throughout the parties we will all be posting on Twitter using the hashtag #sylvanianfamiliesparty so if you're around the computer on Tuesday the 16th October between 4pm and 6pm then why not come and join us using the hashtag above as there will be lots of online spot competitions and fun and games to take part in, as well as pictures and posts from all the bloggers holding parties. 

I will also need lots of help choosing winners for the drawing competition I will be hosting at my party and will be asking everyone to vote on their favourite picture so the winner can win a fabulous prize!

So why not come along and join in via Twitter, I know we'd love you to take part!

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