Monday, 8 October 2012

WILD! Science Weird Slime Laboratory Review

My 9yr old son LOVES science and says it's one of his favourite subjects at school as he loves doing experiments and wants to be a scientist when he grows up (or a policeman ). He's also a typical little boy who loves anything slimy and gross, in fact the slimier and grosser it is, the more he likes it!

So you can imagine his delight when we were sent Weird Slime Laboratory from WILD! Science to review! Now he could make slimy and gross things like tadpole soup, fake fish eggs, green jelly worms, leeches, rat guts, invisible jellyfish, blood and clots (ideal for Halloween), bouncing slime and fart putty!!!

WILD! Science is a range of collectable science kits with attitude! They are designed to have great play value while exploring important concepts and skills!

Slimy stuff is everywhere! Our bodies make great slime, but we are amateur slime artists compared to other animals. Check out the hagfish, a small one can gloop up a bucket of water! Even plants make slime, seaweed is a type of fish called an alga. It gives us great gels and slimes, including the Sodium Alginate slime used in this kit. Slimes are some kind of semi solids. They turn from runny to slimy or even a gel, but the formation of chemical bonds between their big molecules. We call this polymerisation. Poly meaning "lots of"... bonds. 

Inside the kit you find:
1 x large beaker
2 x small beakers
1 x spoon
1 x goggles
1 x mask
1 x gloves
3 x pipettes
3 x stirring sticks
1 x sachet slime
1 x empty slime jar
2 x specimen tubes
1 x large jar and Alginate
1 x Calcium Chloride
1 x dish
1 x workbench
2 x colours

The instruction book is full of clear pictures and instructions, as well as hints to make it easier, guidelines telling you if you need to wear the gloves, mask and goggles and to do it in the sink, questions and answers to make you think how the experiment is creating the slime, warnings such as do not eat the slime you are creating, ideas to try yourself and did you know facts

But what I love most about this kit, is that not only is it lots of fun, and my 9yr old certainly had plenty of it, it's also educational and supports the following UK curricula, giving them a headstart in school!

Sc 1 Scientific Enquiry
* Explaining how things work, linking cause and effect.
* Test ideas using observation and measurement

Sc 2 Investigative Skills
* Ask questions that can be investigated scientifically, make predictions
* Use simple equipment and materials, take action to control risks
* Make comparisons and identify simple patterns in observations
* Use observations and measurements to draw conclusions
* Decode whether these conclusions agree with predictions.

Sc 3 Grouping and Classifying Materials
* Compare materials and objects on the basis of their material properties, including hardness, strength, flexibility
* How the particle theory of matter can be used to explain the properties of solids and liquids. 

My 9yr old son has loved playing and experimenting with this kit, and every day he wants to do a new experiment. 

The website has a FAQ section, which is very handy if you struggle with anything. They also also have a lot Nerd Alert section with the history, chemistry, biology and physics behind the Weird Slime Laboratory and you can also download an extra set of instructions, just in case the booklet gets lost or damaged!

All in all a wonderful gift with lots off fun and different experiments and an ideal Christmas or birthday present for a loved one. 

We were sent WILD! Science Perfume Laboratory for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I thought about the product. I received no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product and I retain full editorial control and integrity.

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