Thursday, 1 November 2012

#R2BC - Finding Reasons to be Cheerful

It's been a tough couple of weeks for me and I've been struggling with feeling physically and emotionally drained and depressed which has made if hard to feel any motivation to do ANYTHING, even leave the house, which makes for a bad half term for the kids. They haven't wanted to do anything but play on the PS3 and since it's a one player game they all want to play, there's been squabbles and fights and cries of "it's my turn now!" Yet as I'm feeling so lethargic myself, it's hard to find the motivation to kick them out of the house or go and do something with them! But that is going to change... Once I have written this post, I am going to send them all to get dressed and we WILL go for a walk!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

Feeling as low as I do, #R2BC aka Reason's To Be Cheerful is a perfect way to kick myself out of this depression I've found myself in, because I KNOW I can find things to be cheerful about!

Hubby the idiot! But I still love him!
* I have a loving husband. He's known I've been feeling down and he's given me a lot of hugs and told me that "Things will be okay!" as well as written loving messages on Facebook for both mine and his friends to see telling me that things will be ok. I've also got some wonderful friends who have been checking on me and making sure I'm ok, even sending me messages of support.

London Eye earlier this year
* I have 4 beautiful and healthy children. None of them are ill, hurt or in hospital and given where we live, I am not in the nightmare situation of Coral and Paul Jones from Machynlleth who's 5yr old daughter April went missing a month ago today. I cannot imagine how I would feel or cope if it was my 5yr old daughter who had gone missing and dealing with the thought of Christmas without her! My heart goes out to her family and friends and every day I pray today is the day that she is found!

Missing April Jones. Please come home soon!
* My wonderful husband is organising a sponsored walk on Saturday and taking the eldest two with him. They are walking along the old railway line (which was featured on Railway Walks with Julia Bradbury where she interviewed his late father as he used to drive trains on that line). He's organised the walk to raise money for the April Jones Appeal Fund as he felt so helpless as we were on holiday when April went missing and he couldn't join in with the searches or donate any food etc and he wants to do something to help!

Beautiful Wern Mynach earlier this year
* We live in a beautiful area and I have plenty of choices for where to take the kids for a walk! Do we walk to the harbour to the dolphin statue and see the boats? Do we walk to the end of the prom to see if they're repaired the damaged walls from a storm we had a couple of weeks ago? Do we walk through Wern Mynach nature reserve and play on the pirate ship followed by the park? Do we walk on the beach? (OK maybe not the beach as my children are guaranteed to play in the water) Maybe up the mountains or over the bridge? Lots of choices and no walk is ever the same and for that I'm grateful!

My dad as Santa at last years school Christmas fair
* My father recieved a written apology from the Friends of the School for their treatment of him. He's accepted the apology and I will let the matter drop now, even if it's for my own sanity and benefit, however I still will not take my children to the school Christmas fair! (See When Santa Claus Got Shafted)

This all goes to show, that no matter how down and depressed you are feeling, there is always something you can find that is happy, good and cheerful. Even if it's just that you are alive! But what I like most about joining in with R2BC is that once you start finding things to feel cheerful about, you keep finding more and more and it helps you feel better, inside and out!

So why don't you join in with #R2BC, hosted by the fabulous Mich over at Mummy From The Heart. Just write a post saying what you feel cheerful and grateful about and join in with the linky below. Then pop over to some of the other blogs that have joined in with the linky and help share the love and happiness!


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