Monday, 5 November 2012

The Frustration of #Bullying

Today when my son came home from school he wasn't happy and we ended up having a row and me sending him to his room.

A few minutes later I became concerned by how hard he was crying in his bedroom. Normally he will shout and throw things in his room, but this was a deep down howl of anguish and he wasn't calming down so I went in to see if he was ok. 

He was lying on his bed sobbing, all he kept saying over and over was 
"I just want a day with no bullying. Please can I just have a day with no bullying!" I hugged him until he had calmed down, which took a while. He then started begging me to let him have tomorrow off school, that he didn't want to go to school, he wanted a day with no bullying.

Finally he calmed down and we had a chat. He's been having trouble off the same boy for years and sadly whenever hubby or I have been to see the head he hasn't been very helpful. 

So all evening we've been chatting about bullying and what he can do. We've always told him to ignore this boy, to tell his teachers, to just walk away and he's tried all of this but still he keeps calling him names! He's even tried hitting back and giving the boy a split lip but even that hasn't worked. The boy keeps calling him the same name over and over again, making fun of my son's surname.

My son has hit him a few times, once when the boy was calling me names because I'm not stick thin and could do with losing a few stone and again when he found out that this boy had given me a two finger salute! Talking to the boys parents wouldn't help either, I tried when he stuck two fingers up but she just didn't seem to care and it was their teacher (who has sadly left now) who dealt with it and made the boy apologise. My son also came home from school one day and asked me what the word "Rape" meant because this boy had threatened to break into a classmates house and rape her (did I mention they were 9!)

Tonight we've helped him come up with a witty retort for when the boy calls him names again. Tomorrow I am going to try speaking with the headmaster again and this time ask for the school's bullying policy because something has to be done! My son leaves primary school in two years and he has a choice of secondary schools, at the moment his only choice is the school that this boy doesn't go to!

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