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Vtech Gadget the Robot Review

Gadget the Robot,
A child's best robotic friend!

Recently I was interviewed by an online magazine about best and worst toys I've ever had (you can view it here and I'm on page 46-47). I told them that my biggest annoyance is with noisy toys that have no on/off switch. These are very annoying, especially when they go off at odd times just because another toys has touched it in the toy box. I like being able to switch toys off when they're not in use, especially as this can help prolong the life of a battery and avoid the annoying sounds when you don't want them and means you're not resorted to drastic measures such as removing the batteries.

The old style walker that we have.
The range has been redisgned since this one
For my best toy I chose the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker as I bought one for my son for his 1st Christmas 9 years ago and it has been passed down through all four of my children and has been used and loved by them all. Considering it's age, the Vtech First Steps walker still works and is in a really good condition (although the phone handset is missing). I liked how it gave them the stability they needed whilst they were taking their first steps, especially as all 4 of my children were early walkers. I also liked that the detachable learning centre gave the walker additional learning fun and play.

Enjoy this video of my youngest learning to walk. She was 10mths old and the walker was almost 8yrs old!

Over the years we've had a lot of Vtech products and they've always been very popular with the children and because I like Vtech so much, when I had to choose between the Innotab and the Leappad last year as a present for my daughter on her 5th birthday, it wasn't really a contest as I knew it would be the Innotab. I knew I'd made the right decision when I contacted Vtech for help locating a pink Innotab as every single Argos store had sold out of pink Innotab's and people were even selling reservation numbers on eBay! I phoned Vtech Customer Services and spoke to a lovely lady who was really helpful who arranged for a pink Innotab to be delivered to my house the following day for the same price as it would have costed from Argos (inc P&P). The Innotab is a very much loved toy of my daughter and event the baby (who is 3 in the New Year) loves going on it and says that is what she wants for Christmas (Santa! I hope you're listening!) You can read my review of the Innotab here

Following my comments in the online magazine I was offered the chance to review Gadget the Robot from Vtech.

My almost 3yr old daughter LOVES Gadget and she is always playing with him! He is so versatile as you can play with him alone, with him and his chips or just with his chips! Gadget is the perfect learning friend as he has a quirky personality, rocking dance moves and funny responses and my daughter loves playing and interacting with him as she learns about letters, words, counting and more! Gadget comes with 30 learning chips (26 alphabet and 4 special ones) that trigger fun animations on his LCD screen when they are inserted in the slot above his nose, but what I really like is that you can play with Gadget with or without the chips which is very handy if a few going missing and should that happen you can buy replacement chips direct from Vtech. Gadget also has a sound sensor, so when she claps her hands she can watch him do some robot dancing. Gadget also has 6 different modes of play, so she never tires of playing with him! 

The 6 games you can choose from are; 

Explore it - Explore and learn with Gadget. Put in any of the letter chips to learn about letters and words, put in any of the 4 special chips to watch Gadget sing, play, exercise or say foreign language phrases. You can also twist his ears, nose and eyes for funny responses!

Charge me up - Gadget is hungry! Listen for how many chips he would like to eat and then feed him the correct amount! He will count out the chips as you feed them to him until you have reached the correct number.

Super Speller - Gadget is a super speller. Feed him any of the 26 letter chips and he will say the word for you. Then twist his ear until he finishes spelling the word and then insert another chip for a new word. 

Follow Along - Follow along as fast as you can! Listen carefully as Gadget gives instructions and then turn the relevant body parts in the correct order.

Robot rock - Gadget loves to dance. In this mode listen for gadget to give instructions and then clap your hands to make him dance!

Gadget's quiz - Listen closely. Gadget will ask you a question and you need to answer it. In this mode you can either insert the correct letter chip to answer the question or twist his ear until the correct answer appears on his screen and then turn his nose to choose it.

Gadget has lots of features for children to play with! Most important is an on/off switch, although I must admit that I don't like it where it is as my daughter has a habit of turning him off accidentally in the middle of playing. When he wakes up he yawns which makes my daughter laugh and if she leaves him on his own for too long he will shut himself down, saving those all important batteries! 

Gadget also has an LCD screen on his tummy which shows cool animations, depending on the mode or chip being used and you can also twist his ears and eyes which makes Gadget respond, often with funny phrases and turning his nose releases the chip to fall down inside Gadget so he can analyse it and give you a response. Gadget has a built in sound detector so he can hear when you clap your hands, which always makes him so happy he does a little dance! 

The 30 chips consist of 26 alphabet ones and 4 special ones which can be kept in Gadget's removeable backpack which is very useful and he has a secret door which opens at random during play as a little surprise for you! You can also play with the chips on their own as we count them as they go back into backpack (which helps to make sure we have them all) and my older daughter likes to put them in alphabetical order!

 The age range for Gadget is 3-7 so he gives a good age range and he grows with them as their abilities and understanding increase and my 5yr old and 7yr old daughters both love playing with him as much as their baby sister does (even my 9yr old boy has fun with him!)

Gadget is a lovely little toy and my daughter adores him! suitable for a boy or girl he makes an ideal birthday or Christmas present and I thoroughly recommend him for lots of varied fun and learning games!

We were sent Gadget the Robot for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I thought about the product. I received no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion of the product and I retain full editorial control and integrity. 

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