Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 What a Year... Here's to 2013

As 2012 ends and 2013 begins, it's time to take a moment and think about all the things that have happened in the past year. 

My beautiful babies got a year older 
The baby started playschool and stopped breastfeeding. 
I started blogging
We had a lovely little holiday in London 
I've recently reconnected with two old best friends, one from Lancashire that I haven't seen since I moved to Wales 29 years ago, and one from secondary school who moved to London several years ago
My dad retired
Hubby got his licence back and a promotion at work to delivery driver
My eldest daughter moved into her own bedroom so the baby could move in with my other daughter and out of bed (but that didn't quite work out as she's still with us)
My son was fantastic in the school play as he had quite a main part, sde

But I now it is time to make some New Years Resolutions

To eat healthily and get my diabetes under control
To blog more regularly
To get the children out and about, walking more and enjoying the beautiful scenery we are so fortunate to enjoy
To spend more time with the children. They are young for such a short amount of time and I need to enjoy it as much as possible and take more picture to capture every moment
To try and be more patient and understanding with the children, remembering that they are just children who are learning and need me to show them the right way to behave to become the adults they are destined to become
To stop swearing, my biggest fault is I swear too much and this means the children are all starting to take swearing as a normal way of talking and cannot understand why I tell them off for something I do
To get my finances under control and pay off any debts we might have

but what I am also going to do, I'm going to start a memory jar.

Starting January the 1st 2013 I am going to write down on a piece of paper
All the good things that happen
All the funny things the children say and do
All the little surprises and gifts
The beauty of nature 
Funny moments
Memories worth sharing and treasuring
Fun family days

and then, on December the 31st 2013 as we count down to the close of 2013 ready to welcome 2014 in, we can open the jar and remember all the fun times we had and create a scrap book for our memories of the year 2013

What about you? What were your highlights of the past year? What New Years Resolutions do you have planned and how likely do you think you will stick to them?

And as 2012 closes I just have one wish for you, all my wonderful readers. 

May 2013 be the best year and may all your hopes and dreams come true


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