Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Celebrating New Years Eve

Last night was New Years Eve, the final day of the year that was 2012.

So how did you celebrate? Did you get a babysitter so you could paint the town red, or did you have a small celebration with close friends and family either at your house or somebody else's? Or did you do what we did and spend New Years Eve at home, celebrating with just your family?

We told the children they could stay up to watch the fireworks but we wondered if they actually would all stay awake!

We put the music channels on and started boogying, especially daddy or the Dancing Dork as the boy called him!!!

At  11.25pm, with 35 minutes left to go... we had our first casualty as the baby fell asleep, complete with her Tangled dress

10 minutes later, my 7 year old crashed. It was touch and go for a minute between her and her 6 year old sister, but the 6 year old livened up as she was complaining her throat was hurting. 

With 10 minutes left to go it looked like all 4 had crashed, but as they heard us talking about the fireworks, the older 3 all woke to watch the fireworks.

They sat entranced at the tv for the whole 10 minutes the firework display was going on, it was a fantastic display and did London and the rest of Great Britain proud and it was a fantastic way to see in the new year, in fact hubby enjoyed it so much that he was watching them for the 3rd time as I was putting the children to bed before crashing myself!

And now we wait to see what 2013 will hold as the whole year opens up in front of us, full of possibilities!


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