Friday, 18 January 2013

Fun In The Snow!!!

One of the disadvantages of living so close to the sea, is that we so very rarely get any snow! A few miles inland, they gets lots, but because of the salt in the air, when it does snow, it rarely sticks. 

Because of this, snow is a very big deal in my house and whenever it snows the children all coming running to watch it fall and pray it will stick so that they can go out and play in it.

Watching the news, and seeing all the pictures of children playing in the snow, my children will always say sadly;
"Where's our snow? Why can't we have some to play in!"

Today started very strange... There was no snow and daddy set off to work and I sent the children to get ready of school. As usual my 6yr old was moving very slowly and she was staring out of the window
"It's snowing mummy." she said. "Look there's snow all over the car park!"
So I went to look and she was right! 10 minutes ago there had been no snow, but now there was a thin layer covering the car park. 

Much to their delight school was cancelled and daddy was sent home from work!

However their delight was short lived, as our snow wasn't very nice snow. It was very wet and slushy and despite the fact that it snowed all day, the snow didn't get any deeper and they couldn't build a snowman in it.

But they know to make the most of any snow we are lucky enough to get, so off they went to play!!!

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