Monday, 14 January 2013

My son the #Superkid

On Saturday the boy and I went to Chester together to compete in the final of the Moneysupermarket's Superkids Challenge

Last year Moneysupermarket held a Superkids challenge where they encouraged bloggers to write a post full of tips on teaching kids how to be money savvy and we were thrilled to be chosen one of the 10 finalists thanks to my post Teaching Kids About Money

We arrived a little bit early as it took us less time than I expected to get there, even after driving through some sleet on the moors. The boy met Mummy From the Heart's son JJ and they quickly made good friends, especially as they had the same interests and were both 9 years old.  They were joined on the challenge by the 10 year old daughter of Wendy from  Inside the Wendy House. It was lovely that all the children were around the same age, especially as it made it fairer in the math's challenges they would face. 

I was also pleased to meet Michelle who had been one of the first bloggers I followed when I started blogging last January. She did a fantastic New Bloggers Fortnight which was full of tips and tricks to help new bloggers get started and she mentioned how she would be hosting another New Blogger's Fortnight again soon. I had also "met" Wendy through her blog and the fact that we would both link up with Michelle's Reason's to be Cheerful on a Thursday.

The first challenge of the day was also the main challenge. The three of them, with the help of their mothers, entered a room where there was a table full of shopping. They were given a list of essentials that they were to buy and a budget of how much they had to spend and were told that whatever they had left they could use to spend on the second table and whatever they bought from the second table they could keep, or they could save their change and they would receive that money for themselves to keep!

I was really impressed with how the boy would study each item and I could see him working out whether it was a good price or not. Sometimes there was two brands to choose from, just like in real shops, the budget and the named brand. There was also special offers where they could buy one for one amount or both for another amount, sometimes the offer price would be a good deal, but sometimes it would be wrong and would cost more than the two items would cost if you bought them individually. I was very impressed at how he quickly worked out whether the deal was any good or not. 

However the moment he impressed me the most was when he looked a the deal for the crumpets. The deal was one for 73p and 2 for £1. At first he was going to buy two packets for £1 which is a good deal, but he realised that if you only eat one packet and the other ends up in the bin because it goes out of date before you get round to eating it, then it wasn't a good deal at all!

Afterwards they had a few maths challenges, which he complained a little bit about doing, especially as we all played mean mums and wouldn't let them use calculators! He also enjoyed designing a rocket

And building a tower of golden coin's or as Wendy's 3yr old called them "Dablooms" He then stashed as many coins as he could in his bag, supposedly to share with his sisters!

Afterwards he went into another room where he was filmed and asked some questions relating to money. Based on his answers I can't wait to see the video when it is finished!

Three of his answers had me laughing the most;

Q: If you were going to a desert island, what three things would you take?
A: Mummy. daddy and Nibbles my teddy (obviously not his sisters!)
Q: What's the most money you can think of?
A: A googolplex pounds (If you don't know what a googleplex is it's a very large number. If a googol is 1 followed by 100 zero's then a googolplex is 1 followed by a googol zeros) 
Q: What could you buy with all that money?
A: The world (I'm raising a future meglomaniac!)

All in all it was a really fun day, made even more special that we were able to spend some quality time with the boy, just the two of us, whilst the girls stayed home with their daddy!

In fact, we had such a good day that we don't mind who won the £1,000 prize as all three children were deserving winners!!!


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