Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The Sauce Fiend

Last year I spoke of how my then two year old was a crisp fanatic, who would happily eat nothing but crisps all day!

Now, my recently turned 3 year old has a new obsession.... red sauce

At every meal time all you can hear is "Sauce peas!" and no amount of telling her no will work! She will refuse to eat and stand there crying for red sauce. She's even fallen asleep in the past, crying so hard because mean mummy and daddy wouldn't give in. Of course in the end we had to as we didn't want her to sleep as we knew she would be up till 2am if she did

Now if we're having chips and some meals where sauce is considered acceptable, then we will let her have it... but she wants it on EVERY meal!!!

Spaghetti bolognaise - "Sauce peas daddy!"
Sunday roast dinner - "Sauce peas mummy!"
Sandwiches - "Sauce peas!"

Does any of your little ones have any weird food and eating habits? Have you dealt with your own little sauce fiend? I'm hoping she grows out of it!


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