Thursday, 7 February 2013

R2BC - Feeling Very Cheerful

At the moment, life is really good and I'm feeling happy and hopeful and even excited for the future!

The children are doing really well at school and have settled back in following their Christmas break. My eldest daughter is learning swimming this term and she is doing really well and has proudly told me she has moved up to the deep end. My son has just started a drama group on a Saturday as he really enjoyed his part in his school play and has been bitten by the acting bug. My 6yr old daughter had an appointment with the ENT following her grommet operation last year and they are really pleased with her as she hasn't had any ear infections or loss of hearing despite losing one grommet and the bad weather and all being well she will be discharged from their care in the summer. The baby is getting better at going to playschool and although she is reluctant to go in on the morning, she doesn't cry and make as much fuss as she used to and I'm sure once she's free from Easter and can go every day she won't even be bothered about going.

Sadly my car, fondly known as MR B by the children, is poorly. He has a cracked head gasket and after lots of discussions and thinking of what to do for the best, we have decided to have him fixed, because at the end of the day "Better the devil you know!" We could go out and spend all our money buying a new car, only to buy another car with the same problem and have no money left to fix it. Another bonus is that I took out Repair Cover with the AA so for about £80 a year extra on top of my breakdown cover (I pay £15 a month for both) I can claim FIVE times in one year up to £500 towards the cost of repairing my car following a breakdown where they have towed me to the garage. It gives great peace of mind, knowing that should my car develop a fault and breakdown due to mechanical failure (which given the car's age gets more and more likely each year) I don't have to stress too much over the cost of repairing the car because I can claim up to £500 (minus a £35 excess fee). So soon my car will be home, as good as new, with no overheating problem and able to take us on long journeys, holidays and days out. 

And of course, my getting my car fixed brings me nicely onto my wonderful news and the reason I'm going to be using my car a lot and need one that works and is reliable...

A couple of weeks ago we discovered that this summer we will have a new addition to our family. Yes, that's right, I'm pregnant!!!

It came as a bit of a shock at first as I wasn't planning on having anymore children. I was happy with 4 and it was a nice round number, so you can imagine my shock when I began to suspect I was pregnant. Now this is my 6th pregnancy (my 2nd ended in miscarriage at 13wks) and in all 6 pregnancies I have been very lucky because I don't suffer from morning sickness at all, so the only clue I had was when I realised that I hadn't had a period for a month. Even on the pill, I'm not very regular and I can't quite remember when in November I had my last period so I'm not quite sure how many weeks pregnant I am, probably between 10-14wks, so we're eagerly awaiting my scan to find out. However because the kids were jumping on me, we decided to tell them why they couldn't jump on me rather than just telling them not to. Of course this backfired as the girls were so excited they told all their friends and we had their friends or their parents coming up to us to ask if I was pregnant again! So last night we decided we would share the news on Facebook.

Of course being diabetic it can cause complications and I'm classed at having a high risk pregnancy. I developed Gestational Diabetes when I was pregnant with y 4th which returned a year later as Type 2 Diabetes, however I've started monitoring my blood sugar levels and so far they've been really good and between the ideal range, so hopefully this will last! Although I have to have another Glucose Tolerance Test, probably around 16wks.

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So how are you feeling? Are you feeling cheerful or happy, then why not join in with the #R2BC linky below which is hosted by Michelle from Mummy From The Heart and share your cheerfulness  Or maybe you're feeling depressed and can't think of anything to be cheerful about, then that is the perfect time to try. You'd be surprised how many things there are to be cheerful about, they might only be little things but little things can be enough, so why not find something and join in with the linky and of course don't forget to visit all the other blogs in the linky and share the love, because everyone loves comments and to know their posts have been read and enjoyed!


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