Thursday, 28 March 2013

BeSafe Pregnancy Belt Review

Recently I was sent the Pregnancy Belt from BeSafe. 

BeSafe is a Norwegian company which puts children's safety first. In fact their vision is to have no children seriously injured in road accidents. They develop and market their own car seats, bike seats and sports helmets for children and their driving force is their will to protect what is most precious to us: our children. They are dedicated to developing the safest possible car seats and other road safety products for children of all ages. Their product development is highly focused on safety, which is continuously resulting in new BeSafe products being launched featuring innovative patents and functions for enhanced safety and they always strive to take the lead with products of high quality meeting stringent safety requirements.
***Taken from the BeSafe Website***

One of my biggest worries whilst pregnant has been travelling in the car. I don't like how the seat belt presses over my stomach and I worry that if we were to crash, or even stop suddenly, the seat belt could seriously hurt or kill my unborn baby. No matter how many times I tried to adjust the seat belt, I couldn't seem to get it off my baby bump. But what was the alternative? Not only is it illegal not to wear a seat belt, not wearing one could also result in not just the death of my unborn child, but myself as well! In fact I remember one occasion, just three days before I went into labour with my 3rd, I was driving down a street in my home town when someone walked straight in front of me and I had to slam on the brakes! At the time I remember feeling relieved that I hadn't been wearing a seat belt because I didn't hurt the baby, but things could have been a lot different and a lot more serious.

The Ordinary Pregnancy Belt from BeSafe

That's why I was so pleased to see the innovative BeSafe pregnancy belt. The BeSafe car seat belt ensures the correct position of the lap belt in the car. Easy to install it doesn't interfere with the safety performance of the normal 3-point seat belt, but it helps to position the lap belt so it always stays in the right position and below your baby bump.

There are two types of the pregnancy belt. The iZi Fix which can be installed with the ISOfix points in the passenger or back seats and can also be fitted using the strap provided in the drivers seat, or there is the normal pregnancy belt which has just the straps. 

The iZiFix Pregnancy Belt from BeSafe

In a collision an adult can weigh between three and five tons. In pregnancy the baby is positioned far forward and therefore is subject to a massive strain at the moment of impact. The BeSafe pregnancy belt guides away the hip/lap belt away from the stomach and baby. It also lessons the discomfort caused by the belt being placed over the stomach during ordinary day-to-day travelling in a car and can be used from as early as the second month of pregnancy 

I was sent the ordinary pregnancy belt and when I had to travel 60 miles to hospital for a check-up I had the opportunity to use the pregnancy belt. It does take a little bit longer to fasten your seat belt and I had to strap it to the seat of my parents car before I could get in (I'm currently carless as we had to scrap mine!) Strapping the pregnancy belt to the seat was very easy and quick and once I was sat in the seat, it just took about a minute extra to attach the strap between my legs to the usual seat belt and after a few minutes I forgot it was there. The pregnancy belt gave me piece of mind that, should I be involved in an accident or have to brake suddenly, the seat belt wouldn't tighten over my bump causing injury to the baby.

Check out this video which shows how to install the pregnancy belt

Check out this video which shows how the pregnancy belt works during a crash! It really makes you realise how much safer this belt makes travelling in a car whilst pregnant!

I know I'll be a lot happier travelling in a car now I have the pregnancy belt. It really does give you peace of mind and I recommend all pregnant women who travel regularly in a car to get one!!!

I was sent the BeSafe Pregnancy Belt for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I though. I received no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion and I retain full editorial control and integrity.

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