Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Family Day Out to Flash Swimming Pool Welshpool

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the start of the Easter holidays and that daddy isn't working this week to go out for the day. After lots of consideration and promises of taking the kids swimming, we decided to catch the train to Welshpool for a change, especially as my parents were already there at the dentist and they could meet up with us and my dad could join us swimming.

We caught the train and armed with DSi's and tablets we managed to keep the kids entertained for the 2hr train journey, the boy was happy to see one of his friend's from school and they spent the journey together chatting and playing on the DS'!

It made a lovely change to see some snow as we looked out of the window. Especially as we have escaped all the snow that has battered the UK the past few days, one of the disadvantages of living near the sea!

We arrived in Welshpool and after a 30min hike from the train station to the pool, enjoying the snow that lay in drifts on the pavement (which made me and the boy act like big kids throwing snowballs at each other!) we arrived at the pool. 

Now I had checked the pools website to check that it was open, but sadly I had missed one important detail!!! School's in Powys hadn't broken up for Easter yet and that meant that the pool wasn't open for another 45mins as the school was inside having swimming lessons! 

I must admit, I had to laugh at the receptionist who told me quite frostily that...
"You're in Wales now and we haven't broken up for Easter yet!" 
Especially as we live in Wales (albeit Gwynedd and not Powys which was why our school had broken up but their's hadn't!)

Eventually we made it in the pool and enjoyed about 45mins swimming (it was supposed to be an hour, but the school kids took a long time coming out and then it took us awhile to get everyone changed and everything packed in lockers). One thing we had forgotten was armbands for my 3 and 6yr old's, but they managed fine without them. My 3yr old just clung to us unless it was shallow enough for her to walk and my 6yr old just bobbed around trying to swim. I did have to go and rescue her at one point as she got a bit out of her depth and despite telling the older two, who can swim a little, not to go out of their depth I had to go rescue the boy twice and my dad had to rescue my 8yr old once. At least the slide was open so my dad, hubby and eldest two had lots of fun on it.

After we'd finished our swim we walked back into town to Morrison's where we had an early tea. Then my dad took the boy to the canal museum for a quick look around (none of the girls wanted to go) and we walked back to the train station. 

All in all it was a really good day and everyone slept well last night after all the walking and swimming we did! Then everyone woke me up this morning with renditions of Happy Birthday, as I turn another year closer to 40!!!

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