Monday, 11 March 2013

Saving Money with Shopping Vouchers

Times are tough for everyone which means adjusting your budget to try and stretch your money as far as you can. 

Being a family of 6, soon to be 7, saving money on our shopping is one of the biggest challenges. Like I always joke with the customers who come to my till doing their weekly shopping

If we didn't have to eat we would be rich!

One of the ways you can save on your shopping is using a website called Love My Vouchers

 Voucher codes are special discounts which are offered by online retailers in the UK as a way to promote special deals. They have always been an effective way to promote special discounts, and they also work great on the internet. 

Voucher codes are very easy to use. Some of the offers don't even need a code, they are redeemed by simply following a link to make your purchase. For other offers you will need a code which should be typed in when you are making your purchase. All that you should do is continue to shop online as you normally would and apply the discount to your order to get the amazing savings. 

The codes and offers listed are usually open to anyone in the UK, although occasionally certain promotions will come with some terms and conditions (i.e Only one code per household) but the site will tell you if that is the case. 

Using the website is really easy, just go to the home page and then you can either search by categories such as Alcohol & Tobacco, Automotive, Electronics, Fashion, Food & Drink, Gaming etc or you can type in the search box which company you would like to use. 

You can even find vouchers for dinning out, meaning you can treat your loved one for a meal without breaking the bank!

If you search by category then you will be taken to a box showing popular websites with eligible vouchers codes so you can choose which site you would like to use, otherwise you can type the name of the site and be taken straight to a list of all voucher codes that are available.

To make shopping even easier. For any purchase over £100, make sure you use a credit card. Section 75 Laws means that your credit card must protect anything you buy over £100 for free, so if there's a problem or the company goes bust you can still get your money back. Although Section 75 doesn't apply to debit cards, there is something else to fall back on if you paid on a Visa debit or electron card, or Visa credit card under £100 (otherwise go for Section 75). Known as Visa Chargeback, this is part of Visa's internal rules and not a legal requirement.

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