Monday, 18 March 2013

Schleich Horse Figurines Review

My daughter loves collecting Schleich figurines. She loves them because they are so lifelike and highly detailed. 

So you can imagine her delight when she was sent not one but SIX Schleich horses and these are no proudly displayed in her bedroom. She also loves visiting the Schleich website and finding out what breed her horses are and learning some fun facts about them. 

Each horse has a braided mane and tail and there are 6 new arrivals to Schleich's range of horses.

My daughter was delighted to receive

Lipizzaner Foal and Mare

Fun Facts - During the reign of the Habsburgs, both nobility and soldiery were interested in a strong but flexible horse breed they could use for their purposes. By the end of the 16th century, archduke Charles II founded a stud in Lipica where horses were bred to develop the breeds that are famous and popular today. Lipizzans demonstrate traditional dressage movements at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Fell Pony Stallion

Fun Facts - The Fell Pony is a robust small horse breed from the Lake District area in the north of England also known as the fells. It has the typical characteristics of English ponies, such as torsoish bodies on relatively short legs. They are characterised by their long and abundant mane. Fell Ponies are mainly used as leisure ponies and are especially suitable for children to ride. They are pleasant and very well-tempered.

Haflinger Mare

Fun Facts - Haflingers were bred in Italy and Austria, yet their exact origin is unknown. This breed, living in the mountainous areas, was used for forestry and farming purposes as well as for transportation. Today, in dressage shows and other competitions they are popular riding horses for adults. They stand between 1.30 and 1.50 metres high and demonstrate a well-balanced, cool-headed power. Being the most attractive and adaptable European breed, Haflinger horses represent a successful combination of other breeds. 

Shire Mare

Fun Facts - With a maximum weight of more than 1,200 kilograms and 1.78 metres at the withers, the calm Shire horse is the largest breed in the world. The biggest Shire horse every measured was a gelding standing 2.19 metres high. These horses are considered gentle giants because despite their height, they have a very calm temper.

Hanoverian Mare

Fun Facts - In Germany, Hanoverians have been successfully bred and advanced according to the highest standard since 1735. The Hanoverian is a typical, modern-day sport horse in rectangular format (longer than high). The Hanoverian is characterised by an excellent motion, predestined for the great sport. It can be trained for both dressage and show jumping at the highest level and is considered teachable, attentive, balanced and spirited. 

I never realised there was so many horses in the world! 

These figurines are gorgeous and ideal for any little horse mad little girl (or even boy)

My 6yr old especially had lots of fun playing with them! (filmed by her 8yr old sister)

I was sent six Schleich horses for free on the understanding I would write an honest review of what I thought about them. I received no payment and the review is my own honest and unbiased opinion of them and I retain full editorial control and integrity. 

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