Monday, 15 April 2013

If Only I'd Known...

I remember, 13 years ago I was suffering from depression and one of the things I was depressed about was that I was 21, it was the start of the new millenium and I was lonely, I had never had a serious boyfriend and I felt like an old maid, a spinster. No one loved me or liked me and I was going to die alone and childless.

The being childless was a big issue. I LOVED children and was forever babysitting and wanted to work with children one day (at the time I was working at a care home for adults with learning difficulties and challenging behaviour and had been there since I left college 3 years earlier).

All I had ever wanted was to be a mother, preferably with a husband who loved me and wanted kids as much as I did, but it looked like I would never get one and my future looked bleak. 

Little did I know that just waiting in the wings was a wonderful man I would marry and who would give me my hearts desire; four, soon to be five, beautiful children who I adore!

A year later I met the man I was destined to meet and by the time I was 25 I was pregnant with my eldest. Fast forward 10 years and I have a wonderful son aged 10, three beautiful daughters aged 8, 6 and 3 and a new baby due in August to make our little family complete. 

Looking back I never thought any of this was possible and I wouldn't have one child let alone five!!!

But the one thing I wish I'd known, back when I was pregnant with my eldest, is to buy Real Nappies!!!

I have been buying disposable nappies now for 10yrs and I have at least another 3yrs of buying nappies ahead of me! I dread to think how much I have spend on disposable nappies over the years and how much waste I have contributed as it takes 200-500 for EACH nappy to decompose and a baby will use 3000-3500 nappies a YEAR!!! Which means for the past 10 years I have added 30,000-35,000 nappies to the landfills!!!

With real nappies, although they can be expensive to buy in the first place, they can last a lot longer and be passed onto to younger siblings. 

In fact Cloth Nappy Tree has worked out roughly how much it will cost to buy disposable nappies Vs washable real nappies and compared the prices, this is based on just one child's use, so if you add younger siblings then you really see the saving mount up!!!

If you use 7 nappies a day and each nappy costs 22p then it means you spend £1.54 a day on nappies
7 days a week at £1.40 a day means you spend £9.80 a week
52 weeks in a year at £10.78 a week means you spend £560.56 a year on nappies.
If you use nappies for 3 years (sometimes it's more sometimes it's less) then that will cost you £1,681.68 on each child. 

Little Lambs budget shaped washable nappies are a simple but reliable and fit babies well. Included in the pack is
40 shaped cotton nappies (20 size 1 and 20 size 2)
40 washable fleecy liners
20 Littlelamb wraps (the waterproof bit) 10 of each size
20 night time boosters
200 paper liners on two rolls
2 lidded buckets
Complete use and care instructions and helpful advice
Total cost £300 for a birth to potty pack of Little Lamb cotton nappies and wraps. Which works out as £1.93 a week over 3 years. 

This means I would save £1,381.86 over the course of 3 years and one child, the saving would be even bigger with younger children. Even if I had to buy a new packet of real nappies for every 2nd child the savings would still be huge. Of course this doesn't include the cost of washing and drying the nappies which would eat up some of the profit, especially as we don't have a garden to dry them in. 

This is why I am considering using real nappies for my new arrival!

To make pregnancy fun and with easy to access advice and ideas and I recommend any pregnant lady to download Aptaclub's app which is full of advice for mums-to-be.

* This post is my entry into the Aptaclub "If Only I'd Known..." Competition * 

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