Thursday, 4 April 2013

Mumsguiltyiitis - Trip to the Dentist pt 1

I have yet to meet anyone who likes going to the dentist! No one ever seems to like going and having their teeth drilled into and the horrible numb feeling, not to mention the actual needle to numb you in the first place.

Me, I hate going, with a passion!!! When I was little I had some horrendous experiences at different dentists which has left me traumatised and I really do not like going and I'll only go when I can't stand the tooth pain any longer. Usually when I start headbutting the wall to try and ease the pain, that's when it's time to admit the painkillers aren't working and it's time to enter the lions den!!!

Sadly this means, and I'm really ashamed to admit it, my children have rarely been to the dentist, especially the younger two. The youngest has never been and my 6yr old has been once but refused to open her mouth so the dentist could check her teeth. My son has been to see the orthodontist once, as he has an issue with his side teeth growing behind his front teeth (giving him rabbit teeth), but the orthodontist said he would see him again when he was 10 and he's never been to the dentist since (he turned 10 last month). I keep saying I will make them an appointment, but then I find an excuse, any excuse to put off making an appointment, and then the longer they go without going, the worse it gets because then embarrassment sets in.... what if they say my children have rotten teeth because they haven't been for so long, it'll all be my fault, I'm such a terrible mum, everyone is going to know it and judge me. I call it a case of the never ending mumsguiltyitis, something that seems to affect us mothers in everything we do!

Last week my 6yr old woke up crying in agony and saying her tooth hurt, so of course I then started suffering from mumsguiltyitus... If only I'd taken her to the dentist sooner, I'm such a rotten mum, it's my fault my child is in pain and there's nothing I can do to ease this pain, oh what a horrible mum I am I've scarred my child for life!!!

So, taking a deep breath, I reached for the phone and rang the dentist to see if I could get her an emergency appointment.

I had heard there was a specialist children's NHS dentist at the local cottage hospital, which just dealt with children and I decided to give them a go as I had heard some good things about them. So nervously I phoned up and explained the situation and I was offered an appointment for her that day.

Of course this morning I had been for a retinopathy scan on my eyes as part of my diabetic antenatal care as pregnancy can increase the risk of diabetic retinopathy which, if left untreated, can cause blindness and is the main cause of blindness in diabetics. To check the back of my eyes I had had to have some eye drops which meant that I couldn't see properly and the bright sunshine was making it worse. I was so glad my dad had taken me to the appointment as there was no way I could safely have driven myself afterwards! It was touch and go whether the drops would wear off in time for me to take my 6yr old to the dentist, but thankfully they did just in time and I was able to go, complete with the whole tribe!

We arrived and I explained what had been going on to the dentist and how my 6yr old was a little nervous as I took a seat in the room with her, my 3yr old on my lap whilst my 8 and 10 year olds waited outside. The dentist was lovely and really put her at ease as he explained exactly what he was doing to her and to me and even better he was Welsh and spoke understandable English and Welsh. Now I have nothing against migrants who have entered this country to work, but our last dentist (the one we haven't been to see for a while) was Polish, which did make understanding when he was saying very difficult, so it was nice to meet one we could understand and it helped put my 6yr old at ease.

He quickly examined her teeth and much to my relief he said she had really nice teeth and that he could tell she was looking after them, however one of her back teeth did have a little hole. This was what I had been dreading and I had visions of them pinning her down to inject her and then drilling a bigger hole in her poor little tooth to fill the hole, but it wasn't like that at all. The dentist explained to her what he was going to do and showed her the tools he would use and let her look at them as he explained what they were and what he was going to do with them. Then he quickly cleaned the hole before putting in a temporary filling in.

Then it was time to go and because she was so brave she chose a sticker and then we went to the shop where she chose a magazine for being such a big 
brave girl!!!

I was so impressed with the dentist and how good they were with my 6yr old that I've registered the other 3 and they all have appointments to go next month for a check-up!!!

The question is.... how will she cope on her return visit for a permanent filling!

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