Monday, 8 April 2013

Win a BeSafe Pregnancy Belt and protect your unborn baby in a car

Recently I received a BeSafe Pregnancy Belt to review and I was very impressed with it, in fact I love it!

The BeSafe pregnancy belt is a simple idea and I'm surprised no one has thought of it before, it works by clipping onto the lap/hip part of your seat belt so that the belt isn't pressed against your baby bump. This is really important because should you be in an accident, the belt will tighten to keep you save, but it will tighten over your baby and could cause serious injury or even death to your unborn baby. 

Accidents can easily happen and no matter how hard you try you cannot prevent them. I remember when I was heavily pregnant with my now 6yr old, in fact it was a few days before I went into labour, and I was driving down a street in our hometown when someone walked straight out in front of my car without looking and I had to slam on the brakes. Thankfully (and illegally) I wasn't wearing a seat belt, but I dread to think how much harm could have come to my daughter if I had been! She would've taken the full impact of the seat belt tightening and squashing her!

It doesn't bear thinking about it, and that was just when I had popped out to the shops!!!!

The BeSafe Pregnancy belt is brilliant because it moves the lap belt away from your baby and it also makes it more comfortable to wear a seat belt because no matter how often you adjust the seat belt, the belt always presses onto your baby bump.

You can read my full review of the BeSafe Pregnancy belt here

The other day I received another BeSafe Pregnancy belt I have won in a competition, and I decided I would give it away to one of you, my lovely followers so that you can keep your baby safe whilst travelling in a car. 

To enter is easy via Rafflecopter, just comment on the blog how many weeks pregnant you are. For an additional entry share the picture of the BeSafe Pregnancy belt on facebook (just remember to comment on the picture you have shared it and to fill in the option on Rafflecopter to say you have)

Good luck everyone!!!

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