Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My Poor Boy :( What did daddy DO to your hair!!!

Last night hubby decided my 10 year old boy's hair was too long and decided he would cut it using his own hair clippers. Hubby is bald and is forever shaving the side tufts of hair off his own head and decided he would be ok doing his son's hair on a number 4. 

Sadly things didn't go to plan and whilst cutting his hair the clippers broke and took a chunk of his hair from the back, right down to his scalp. It wasn't just a small chunk either but he had a shaved patch. 

It would have been crueller to leave him with a chunk of hair missing, so his dad had no choice but to shave all his hair off. 

My poor son was so upset, but I've told him that "Hair Grows" and before he knows it his head will be covered in hair again!

I spent the morning encouraging him that he looked ok and that it was a good look for him, but I'm not sure he believes me! I did have a word with his teacher though as he tried to wear a hat to school!

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