Monday, 20 May 2013

#R2BC Fun Filled Weekend

This weekend I'm feeling very blessed. My pregnancy is progressing well and the baby is getting more active. In fact yesterday the girls all got to feel her move and last night my 3yr old fell asleep leaning against me so the baby was kicking the hell out of my side where my 3yr old was! Of course having to visit the hospital every 2wks and test my sugars daily can be a bit of a chore, not to mention having to inject myself with insulin twice a day, but I know it'll be worth it in the end when I have a healthy baby! I have an extra scan next week, a growth scan as I'm already measuring 30wks at 26wks, but then I don't have small babies so it's no surprise! My smallest baby was my eldest at 8lb 13oz and my 2nd was biggest at 10lb 14oz and that was without diabetes. My 4th is the only one I had gestational diabetes with and she weighed 8lb 15oz at 38wks as I was induced early. 

My daughter makes friend with a giant giraffe
Nanny and girls relaxing in giant baby bouncer

On Friday I was lucky enough to be given free tickets to the Baby Show at the NEC in Birmingham and I took my mum, 8yr old daughter and 3yr old daughter with me. We had a lovely time, although mum and I got separated when it was time to leave. She went to the toilet and I waited for her by the exit but somehow she passed me without me seeing her and went to the train station. After a while I realised I must have missed her and went to the train station but the lifts were out of order and with 2 prams, and 2 daughters there was no way I could risk using the escalators so we had to wait for the replacement bus service, which meant that we missed my mum again when she walked back to the Baby Show. I didn't have her mobile number so in the end I phoned my dad and asked him to ring her and tell her we were waiting at the train station and eventually we met up again. Unfortunately this meant we missed the train we had planned to catch home and meant we had another 2hr wait for the next one. Not to mention the 4hr journey and the 1/2 hour wait whilst we changed trains in Machynlleth. Despite the long journey and my 8yr old getting upset when we were separated from nanny, we had a lovely day and I want to go again in October, this time with my new baby!

My 3yr old in a Quinny Zapp Xtra

We have been given a Quinny Zapp Xtra buggy to review in the unique Kenson design (named after the Belgian designer who came up with it). My 3yr old looked very comfortable sitting in it as we walked around the baby show and once I've bought a Maxi Cosi car seat and a newborn inlay, the pram will be suitible for the baby when she arrives in August. Of course the hard part is teaching my 3yr old it isn't her buggy!

I also received a letter on Friday to say that my 3yr old has been offered a place in the nursery class of our local school (which is also the one her older brother and sisters attend) and that she can start mornings only in September.

swinging on a tyre swing

On Saturday we took the kids to a nearby park for them to play and burn off some energy. My 3yr old wasn't feeling very well so she was sleeping in the car whilst everyone else was playing and it was nice to have a Saturday off work. I needed it after my long day at the Baby Show the day before! We then had a picnic tea sitting in the lounge (usually all meals are eaten at the table in the kitchen) so we could enjoy the series finale of Doctor Who (which I really enjoyed, apart from the one spoiler I had seen which did spoil the cliff hanger ending). In fact it was the best episode this series, which doesn't mean much as haven't enjoyed this series as much as previous series'. My favourite series finale is still the end of series 4, when the 10th Doctor is reuinited with all his companions and their friends from the two spin-off shows Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures to save the Earth from the Daleks. 
Looking for skimming stones
Skimming stones

Sunday it was a nice day so hubby packed us a picnic lunch and we went about 10 miles away for a walk along the river and a chance for the children to have a go at skimming stones (part of my 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4 years old with the National Trust Wales). We then walked a little way along the river before heading into town for an ice-cream. It was also a nice way to remind us what a beautiful area we live in, something that you do take for granted sometimes. 

My family with Cader Idris in the background
My family with Cader Idris in the background
All in all it was a wonderful weekend and I feel so blessed by my family. 

What about you? Do you have anything that is making you feel blessed or thankful? Why not join up with Reasons to be Cheerful this week? It's a wonderful opportunity to find the positives in your life as too often we're full of the negative! If you want to know more about R2BC have a look about why Michelle from Mummy From The Heart started #R2BC and what she believes about it. 

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