Friday, 31 May 2013

#R2BC Reason's to be Cheerful - Half Term Fun

This week has been half term and there's been one big difference. My son has been away all week, holidaying with his grandparents on their canal boat. So my main Reasons to be Cheerful is that he is HOME. I've missed him so much and judging by the welcome the girls gave him, they've missed him as well. I've never seen them so pleased to see him before!

Hugging her big brother pleased to see him home

So despite missing my boy, we've had a good week. 

On Monday, which was bank holiday, the two older girls were helping out their local Brownies and Rainbow's selling cakes to raise money. Sunday my 8yr old made some chocolate brownies and my 6yr old, helped by her 3yr old sister, made some chocolate corn flake cakes. Of course, typical bank holiday weather meant that we got soaking wet walking to the shop where they were having their cake stall but they raised an amazing £250 in cake sales and raffle tickets!

Tuesday was another miserable day, so we spent the day just chilling and watching VicTORIous on TV (if you don't know what VicTORIous is check out my daughter's blog post here)

On Wednesday it was time to head to hospital for my diabetic check-up and the first of 6 hospital appointments over 3 weeks, made worse because of the 120 mile round trip and of course it takes up all day! However my first appointment was an exciting one and hubby took the day off to come with us, especially as I had to take the 3 girls with me. I had to have a growth scan to check on her size and thankfully she's average for her gestation. I did get a lovely picture of her and the lady doing the scan confirmed that she still looks like a girl, although nothing is 100% until she's born. I then went to the diabetic clinic and was warned that the next few weeks are the weeks when my sugar levels will start to climb and therefore my insulin levels were increased, although I'm still only on bedtime and teatime insulin. I'm 28wks pregnant now and it was at 29wks pregnant I discovered I had gestational diabetes with my 3yr old. Afterwards we went to Mothercare and cancelled the pram order I have with their baby plan since I was given a Quinny Zapp Xtra to review and changed the order for a Maxi Cosi car seat instead ready for the baby's arrival. 

Scan picture of my 5th at 28wks

Thursday hubby had another day off so we took the girls swimming at one of the local pools during their free swimming. It was lovely watching them and they have no fear, jumping in and splashing around. My 8yr old kept trying to go into the big pool instead of the baby pool but it was a little too deep for her and the other two were just jumping in without care. Afterwards I took my 8yr old to my parents as she had created an invitiation to the Baby Shower she is hosting me next week and my printer doesn't work so we borrowed nanny and granddad's. 

Today (Friday) it was a lovely day so I treated the girls to a chippie picnic in the square before going to the beach where they played in the sand and ate ice lollies. Then we came home and waited for the boy to come home. 

All in all a lovely week and lots of fun and I feel so blessed and lucky by my family. Although I'm still looking forward to Monday and some peace and quiet!!! It also means I get my laptop back and can get back to blogging. The problem with only one computer is that I have trouble blogging when the children are off and that's why this is my first post all week!

What about you? Do you have anything that is making you feel blessed or thankful? Why not join up with Reasons to be Cheerful this week? It's a wonderful opportunity to find the positives in your life as too often we're full of the negative! If you want to know more about R2BC have a look about why Michelle from Mummy From The Heart started #R2BC and what she believes about it. 

If you want to join in, then go for it and jump right in remembering to link up with the linky. The fab thing about this linky is that there are no rules and you can link up whatever you like. Just remember to visit all the other blogs which are linked up and share the comment love, who doesn't love a comment on their blog and to know that it is being read!


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