Sunday, 2 June 2013

#50Things to do before you're 11 3/4 - Crabbing Catching a Crab

As part of the National Trust's 50 Things to do before you're 11 3/4 we took the children crabbing today.

We live by the sea in a beautiful corner of North Wales with a little harbour which is ideal for crabbing. However cos daddy wanted to have a go at fishing as well, we went to the Old Harbour and it turned out to be a FANTASTIC place to crab!

 The tide was coming in, which I think helped with the crabbing and the first time my 8yr old threw her line in she caught 7 crabs (2 of which fell of but 5 made it to the bucket). Of course the younger girls were funny, especially if any of the crabs missed the bucket and were scuttling on the floor, as they ran off screaming.

Crabbing is lots of fun and easy to do. Lots of shops in town sell crabbing lines and even little pots like lobster pots to make it even easier. Then all you need is a bucket of water to store the crabs and some bait such as fish or bacon. What I liked about our new crab lines is that they came with a little net to tie near the weight to hold the bait, this meant there was no dangerous hooks which can really hurt little fingers, and it also meant that the crabs couldn't steal the bait!

My older two had a lot of fun crabbing, especially as it was their first ever time. Although they did wish they had two buckets so they could've had a competition!

The only downside of the day was when my 3yr old lost her croc in the water and despite daddy trying to catch it with his fishing rod, it sailed up the estuary! 

Poor daddy didn't catch anything, not even the croc!

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