Thursday, 11 July 2013

999 Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru - 999 Wales Air Ambulance. Our Story

Back in 2004 I suffered a miscarriage and because we live in such a rural area with our nearest hospital over 60 miles away, I was airlifted by the Wales Air Ambulance and I strongly believe that the Air Ambulance saved my life, not just my life but all of my daughters as well as they wouldn't be here now and my son would have lost his mum aged just one year old!

The Wales Air Ambulance receives no funding from the government or from the Lottery and is run entirely on donations. 

So when I saw a post on the Wales Air Ambulance facebook group asking for people who could speak Welsh as well as English to appear in the new series of 999 Ambiwlans Awyr Cymru and the English version Helimeds, I immediately contacted them to share my story and to help raise awareness of the wonderful and vital work they do.

Our story was chosen and back in March this year, a film crew arrived to film our story. They even managed to grab hubby when he came home for his lunch!!!

For the moment you can see our story here on the S4C catch up service and hopefully I'll find a way to post it on here permanently once it's removed (it might appear on youtube making it easier for me to share.

Our story is about 18mins in and if you click on the S you can select the English Subtitles. The new series of Helimeds starts this Friday on ITV and I will share that once it airs. 

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