Monday, 22 July 2013

Nowhere in my home is high enough

Last night I came upon this picture and posted it on my Facebook page

There is no surface in my home high enough that my ninja children cannot reach
There is no surface in my home high enough that my ninja children cannot reach

It struck me as very true and reminded me of when my now 8 year old was 4!

She was in the kitchen, whilst I was in the lounge, and for some reason she decided she wanted some Calpol! She wasn't ill and hadn't even asked for any, but she decided she needed some.

Now I know how important it is to keep all medicines out of the reach of children, and that's why all medicine was in the highest kitchen cupboard we had, at about my head height. Of course, I hadn't counted on my ninja daughter, who once she has something in her head HAS to do it!

So, this little 4 year old decided she was going to climb up to the cupboard and get herself some calpol!

She pushed the dinning chair from the table up to the worktop. Climbed onto the chair and then onto the worktop. She opened the cupboard and somehow, standing on tiptoes, managed to reach the shelf where the calpol is. The shelf that my shorty hubby at 5ft 5in cannot reach without a chair himself. Grabbing the calpol she climbed back down again and managed to take the child proof lid off and using a tablespoon swallowed some. This is when I came in after changing my newborn's nappy and found her!

I panicked as I didn't know how much she'd taken and we rushed her to hospital! It was the longest drive ever as our nearest A&E department is over 60 miles away and I spent the entire drive telling hubby to keep her awake. I was terrified that if she went to sleep she would never wake up again!

After a full check-up at hospital and blood work, they were happy to discharge her, confident that she hadn't overdosed on Calpol! Of course, we were made to feel like terrible parents that she'd managed to get ahold of the Calpol, as we had obviously left it in her reach with the lid either off or not on properly!

Of course, they had never met my daughter before and so they don't know how determined she can be when she puts her mind to something!

Really Rachel My daughter aged 4 with her newborn sister
Looking so sweet and innocent at 4, cuddling her newborn sister

What about you? Have you ever put something up high that you thought was safe only to find your child/ren with it?

Why not share your story below!


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