Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Save Money on Fuel with Tesco and Morrison Vouchers

Summer holidays are almost amongst us, which of course means holidays and days out and using the car. Which, thanks to the current cost of petrol and diesel can cost almost as much as admission tickets and accommodation  Especially if you're going quite far!

But thanks to an offer with Tesco, you can SAVE up to 30 pence per litre on your fuel!

To take advantage of this offer you have to do a little bit of extreme couponing, which works by buying certain promotional items. It is a little fiddly, but provided you'd buy these groceries anyway and you don't mind stocking up, it's a handy saving and helps make those days out a little cheaper.

All you have to do is buy certain items instore or online at Tesco (except Tesco Express) from Monday 15th July until Sunday 21st July and you get a voucher offering you 5p off per litre per item. You can get up to SIX vouchers per transaction and you can use ALL six vouchers per petrol or diesel purchase, meaning you can save 30p per litre, or £15 off 50 litres.

Sadly it isn't as big as Tesco's previous 50p per litre promotion, but provided you'd be buying or using the goods anyway it can still mean a decent saving. 

You can only use these vouchers at a Tesco petrol station and you have a 2 week window to use them. It's easy to use them at a manned petrol station, although some of the pay-at-pump petrol stations will allow you to redeem the vouchers at customer services provided you supply a valid receipt. 

The products you need to buy are;

  • Plenty Kitchen Towel White 8 Roll (Costs £6.43 cheaper at Tesco)
  • Tesco Luxury Soft White Loo Roll 18pk (Costs £6.95, 30p extra at Tesco compared to Sainsbury)
  • Carlesberg 20x440ml Cans (£15 at Tesco, £14 at Asda costs £1 more at Tesco)
  • Flora Buttery Spreak 1kg (£3.80 at Tesco, £2 at Morrison. Costs £1.80 more at Tesco)
  • 2 x Robinsons Double Concentrate Squash 1.75ltr (Costs £6 at Tesco, £1.82 each at Waitrose = £3.64. Costs £2.36 more at Tesco)
  • Cathedral City Twin Pack Cheese 2x350g (Costs £7.49, £5 at Asda. Costs £2.49 more at Tesco)
*** Comparison prices from Morrisons press office and MySupermarket on Tue 16th July. Prices can fluctuate so always check before buying ***

The bigger your car and how much fuel you put in it, the bigger the savings. For a typical 50-litre tank, each 5p off voucher saves £2.50 on a fill-up. So provided Tesco doesn't charge you £2.50 more for the goods than you could get them elsewhere, it's a winner. 

Of course, if you have a smaller car or are doing a smaller fill-up, then the impact of the vouchers is less. So ask yourself if it's worth it for your circumstances. 

However, another bonus with Tesco is their current Price Promise. This means that Tesco will give you a voucher for the difference if your comparable shopping is cheaper at Asda, Sainsbury's or Morrisons. You should receive the voucher at the checkouts along with your receipt and fuel vouchers. 

There are no guarantees though and you need at least 10 different items in your basket. 

Another way of saving money is another extreme couponing option, this time from Morrisons. Again it's slightly fiddly and only works if you're already planning to make a big purchase at certain high street stores, such as Homebase or Currys. But, played correctly, you could potentially get a FREE tank of fuel. 

Morrisons' Fuel saver deal gives 1p per litre of petrol, diesel or LPG for every £10 of gift cards bought instore.

There are 37 retailers to buy gift cards from, including Homebase, Debenhams, Currys, Pizza Express, Next, House of Fraser, Halfords and iTunes, plus new retailers TK Maxx, Oasis, Warehouse and Waterstones. The offer's ongoing but doesn't include Morrisons' own gift cards. 

The discount is stackable, so you can buy £50 of gift cards and get 5p off per litre. So if there's a large purchase you're going to make anyway i.e £500 on a computer at PC World or a garden shed at Homebase - get it by first buying the gift cards and you'll bag 50p off per litre. 

If you bought £1,400 of gift cards, it'd effectively make a £1.40 per litre tank FREE. Morrisons have said that there's no limit per transaction on the gift card, but the maximum coupon value you could get for one transaction is £1 off per litre. This means that if you spent more than £1,000 on gift cards you would only receive £1 off per litre. 

Petrol vouchers are valid for 63 days from the issue date. 

Another problem to watch out for is that gift cards are non-refundable and it isn't a good idea to put money on the card to drip-spend over six months. Though most of the companies mentioned are big, safe companies, if the firm goes bust you'll probably lose the cash, so make sure you spend them quickly.

It's also worth being aware that third party retailers (Morrisons in this case) don't have any responsibility to refund you if a gift card's retailer goes into administration, which could cause problems if that should happen. See the Moneysavingexpert news story Beware Gift Vouchers for more information. Gift cards are usually valid for two years, but always check.

For more information on how to save money on fuel bills, check out the Cheap Petrol and Diesel Guide from

Whilst I haven't been paid for this article, I cannot take credit for it as the information above has been taken from A wonderful website full of tips and tricks to save you money. I fully recommend this website and suggest signing up to their weekly email for more tips, tricks and short-lived deals!

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