Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Save money on Theme Park Tickets inc Alton Towers, Chessington, Thorpe Park

Summer holidays are almost amongst us, which means trying to find ways to entertain the children, which don't break the bank!

Theme parks are always popular, but buying tickets on the day, for a family of four, could cost you almost £50!

Yet there are ways you can save money on ticket prices!

50% Off Theme Parks with £1 Chocolate
Until the end of July, buy promotional packs of Kit-Kats from major supermarkets and get a voucher for 50% off up to four people at most Merlin theme parks and attractions until 31st March 2014.

This voucher's better than a 2for1 if you're visiting a park with a party of three or any other odd number - this way, you all get a discount!
See the full list of theme parks in this offer

2for1 (adults go "free") to 43 Attractions via £2ish Cereal
Find an "Adult goes free" voucher on promotional packs of Kellogg's cereals by Wed 31st July, valid at 29 Merlin attractions and 14 independent attractions

2for1 with a valid on-the-day National Rail Ticket
Buy a National Rail ticket, register with Days Out Guide and print vouchers. You need to print a voucher AND have a valid rail ticket with the closest station to the theme park as the final destination, bought from National Rail on the same day.

It's worth doing this even if you're not travelling by train - a cheap single ticket is available for a few pounds, far cheaper than the entry price.

Up to 75% off theme parks with Tesco Clubcard
If you shop at Tesco and collect the points using your Clubcard, then there's a way to get up to three or four times the value on your points by converting vouchers to Clubcard Rewards.

We've actually done this before and took my son to Drayton Manor for his 6th birthday and it only cost us (4yrs ago) £12 in Clubcard Vouchers for all 4 of us!

See the Tesco Clubcard page for the full details on how to convert points to rewards and whilst there it's worth checking to see if you have any unused clubcard vouchers you didn't realise you had!

£20 Off entry via the Nectar double exchange
Usually, 1,000 Nectar points gets you £5 off shopping at Sainsbury's, Argos, Homebase and a few other stores. But from Wed 24th July - Tue 13th Aug, you'll get 4x value at participating theme parks. So 1,000 points becomes £20 to spend at these theme parks!

You just need to go to the customer service desk at Sainsbury's and ask to redeem your points for a Merlin voucher. See the Nectar Deals page for the full info.

See the Cheap Theme Parks page on Moneysavingexpert.com for a list of all the attractions and deals. 

Whilst I haven't been paid for this article, I cannot take full credit for it as the information above has been taken from Moneysavingexpert.com. A wonderful website I fully recommend and I also suggest signing up to their weekly email for more tips, tricks and short-lived deals!

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