Sunday, 7 July 2013

Silly Parking and Sunny Sundays

I love where I live, I love the view and although I'm sad we don't have a garden, we do have the beach opposite our house!

On sunny days like this weekend, we also have a lot of entertainment watching cars on the car park opposite our house. It's a very small car park, with the nickname The Black Patch, but very popular. It is also the only car park for coaches to park, but sadly you often find cars parked in the coach bays leaving nowhere for coaches to park.

Silly Parking

Silly Parking

Silly Parking

Silly Parking

In fact, the two coaches on the top right of some of the shots are parked on the pavement as the coach bays are full of cars and there's nowhere else for them to park!

I'm always amazed how people park their cars, especially when they're either on holiday or on a day trip. It seems like they're in such a rush to get to the beach they forget to think about where they're parking and the inconvenience they cause. 

Barmouth Country and Western Music Festival
Photo curtesy of the Country and Western Festival -

This weekend has been busier than usual, not just because of the gorgeous weather, which according to a neighbouring camp site which recording a scorching 30.9c at 2pm, but also because of the annual Country and Western Music Weekend.

Showing 30.9c
Photo curtesy of Shell Island -

I knew it was too hot for me to venture out today, especially being heavily pregnant and on Friday my son was really ill with a bad headache (more on that to come) so we went to the laundrette as we're waiting for our new washing machine to arrive as ours died, whilst daddy took the girls on the beach. 

The girls were all covered in Sudocrem factor 50 Sunscreen Mousse and despite going brown on their skin where their swimsuits didn't cover them, they aren't burnt at all. Hubby on the other hand didn't bother with an suncream and now looks like a lobster!!! I think he's going to be in pain later

My hubby the lobster with his sunburn

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