Friday, 13 September 2013

#FridayBabyShower The Baby's 1 Month Check-up

Today my baby turns 5 weeks old! I can't believe how quickly the time is passing and I'm trying to remember to enjoy her being this small as much as I can as I know I will never get this time back with her! Not to mention how quickly you forget how small they were.

The biggest problem we're having at the moment is getting my 3 year old to leave her alone!!! She loves her baby sister and just wants to cuddle her and kiss her all the time and doesn't realise she's actually hurting her! Yesterday I found her trying to put the toy binocular's around her neck so you really can't leave them alone together! I've set up a travel cot in the lounge as somewhere safe I can leave the baby, but even that isn't safe from my VERY determined 3 year old!!!

This morning, whilst my 3 year old was at school, I took the baby to the baby clinic to get weighed. 

We've had a tough start me and the baby. When she was born her sugars weren't high enough after a feed and we had to give her formula as top-ups and resulted in her being discharged classed as a bottle-fed baby. However I was reluctant to bottle-feed completely and gave her breast instead and was pleased when I tested her sugars and found they were normal (See Breastfeeding Difficulties).

So having her weighed is the only way I can check that she is thriving with the breastfeeding, especially after our difficult start, so I was thrilled to see that she has gained weight! She was last weighed on the 27th August aged 2wks 4days and she weighed 7lb 15oz. Today, aged 5wks exactly, she weighed 9lb 2oz and she's following the 25th percentile nicely.

She's a little spotty on her cheeks and her chest and woke up this morning with conjunctivitus in her left eye, but one of the joys of breastfeeding means I can bathe it in breastmilk which will help it get better quickly.

I also had a chat about my 3yr old as we're having a some trouble with her and pooping (see here) and she suggested trying to get her to drink more and see how she gets on this week. She also asked if I was interested in doing Incredible Years again. I did it about 4 years ago, but because of work commitments I missed a few sessions and if I'm completely honest, I've forgotten a lot of what I learnt so it would be nice to do it as a refresher. Plus my 3yr old is very stubborn, strong-willed, determined, bossy and very very argumentative!!! In fact, I'm seriously thinking about banning her from watching Max and Ruby and Peppa Pig as I think they're a bad influence on her because they're both so very bossy!

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